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Who donates blood here? and who do you give blood via? I've seen a link on FB to a poorly boy and it's really touched me this morning - he has leukaemia and is so so poorly. The link is to donate via delete blood cancer - Is this linked to Give Blood the national blood donation service? Do they donate blood for leukaemia or for just for transfusions.



  • I suppose it depends what he needs. They give blood and other products from the donations but bone marrow is something separate. I would like to donate but they turned me down because in my 20's I had to have Immunoglobulin, which is the plasma from peoples blood donations. There's hundreds of donations in each transfusion, and I had to have 8 a day for 5 days so in theory I've had thousands of donations from others, so I'm classed as super high risk.

    Donating is an amazing thing to do.

  • My understanding (and I am fully prepaired to be told I'm wrong) is that if you donate via the national blood service then they blood will go where ever it is needed.

    I think that the delete link is looking for people to register tobecome stem cell donars or bone marrow donars

  • I give blood but sometimes bleed too slowly so it's wasted. I wanted to do donations of so who else but the process form removing it carried a higher risk ad he didn't want me to do it, and so I stopped at blood. I also have it on my NHS record that I want to donate my organs but again H wanted me to keep my eyes and heart so that's on there too.

  • i cant buy hubby does, his work are really good and they organise it all,

    the nhs have a big mobile blood donor van, so they go to his workplace i think quarterly and each employee is allowed 2 hours in the day to go and donate blood.

    hubby gives platelets now but he used to give blood.

    i think if more business's took this initiative there would be more volunteers, from his workplace alone (ford) they have over 700 donations

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