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Boring but who cleans your car?

H and I are awful, we don't clean the car as quite honestly I work full time, so does h and we just totally cba, anyway I went to asda the other day and these 2 guys were valentine the cars. I got my car done in side and out ie full valet (everything but engine not steamcleaned) for £10 Eek, L sat in the car and said 'o the car smells funny' I said ''erm yes it smells clean' Laugh

my neighbour spends ALL sat morning washing both his cars. Iv no idea where he gets the time


  • I mean we don't clean it ourselfs, we used to have it Valeted for £22 but that place burned down! Iv got to take hs car today as he was so impressed with mine! His is disgusting! It would surprise me if they charged much more for his!

  • H takes it somewhere where you clean it yourself, he takes N as he likes to get involved too. H and his dad were always out every Saturday morning (crack of dawn?!) cleaning their cars and my dad is the same. If I drove I would basically never clean it because I'm lazy.

  • When my car gets really dirty inside me and H will do it, one will hoover and one will polish it.  I get my car hand washed for a fiver when I can be bothered.

  • If my h is bored he will go and wash it, normally take it to the polish hand wash to be done once every 2 weeks.

  • H takes it up the Kosovan car wash every other Sunday. £15 inside and out (It's not a full valet they are over hundred quid with valeters). We don't use the supermarket guys as they throw their cloths about  the floor so might pick up stones and reuse dirty water.

  • Just before we had L, we paid something stupid like £60 ish for a full valet so that when we were bringing L home from hospital he wouldn't pick up any dust on his lungs Weep how daft we were ROTFL

    Belle these guys were kosovan too! I got the life story Laugh

    They have just started this week and used power hosesso I'm hoping its clean least mind was as I was first that day Laugh

  • Ha that's funny!

    Our supermarket guys just use their trolleys and the rags are nasty.

  • H does it with help from E, she loves doing it with him but ALWAYS comes in drenched (even though she wears full waterproofs!)  I guess that's what makes it fun ..

    They only do it a max of once a month though, not much time to do it more often as we both work full time.

  • H does mine, however, I really could do with getting it valeted or at least a mini valet

  • H does it when he can be bothered. The inside is normally quite shameful as H will often do the outside and not the inside. In his defence though we only have on the street parking so to vacuum the inside requires us to be lucky enough to have a space right outside our house which doesn't often happen on the weekend.

  • Hubs takes his to the polish guys in the nearest town to us.  I take mine to the car wash...  If i knew where i could get mine cleaned inside and out for a tenner i'd be doing it at least quarterly.  My car really needs hoovering out, but i can't face doing it, and hubs and i are rarely at home together at the same time these days, so i can't get him to do it for me either (he used to).

  • one! Keep in mind mine gets filled up with dirt from the stables, hay, grass...general rubbish. Every so often H gets fed up with the inside being grubby and will clean in inside. It only gets cleaned outside when it rains!!

  • H used to spend ages cleaning his car ... until we had Zoe.  Now it get a quick going over at the supermarket but only really get the inside done once a year (ie when it gets really manky).  I will hoover it out / wipe surface etc myself during the summer but in the winter when it is cold it just gets left.

    Oh, it gets a valet whenever it goes to the garage but we don't pay for it, it is part of the deal.

  • God love them they still only charged £10 for hs so I gave them £15 as it was disgusting. The man across the road puts his wellies on to clean the car and has a little car cleaning kit, its in a big plastic box and he wheels it out from the garage, I often say to him o il leave my car there and you can carry on if you want and he never takes the hint! Grump lol

  • The dad across from us cleans his, the wifes, and the 2 kids cars EVERY sunday. get.a life. man

  • When it does get done it's usually me that does them but tbh it's not very often. Mine needs doing at the minute after H used my car to bring planks of wood back from B&Q last week.

  • We get ours valeted - either at home, or there is man who comes and does all the ones in my office. If we are desperate between it goes to the hand car wash at my moms or Hs moms, but we don't seem to have them so much up here!

    No way could I ever clean it - it's too big, I can barely see the roof yet alone reach the middle, and we don't have an outdoor power point so I couldn't plug in the hoover. (excuses, excuses).

    We too paid for a full valet to bring home Ella in a clean car.... Not that she noticed haha!

  • me, now and again. I'll do it over half term. H never gets his done. In the five years I've known him he's never washed it!

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    It's really boring to the clean car especially when you have to do it quickly sometimes it's worth .. You can see it might help in cleaning your car 
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