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Child's bedroom furniture help please

We will be moving N to a big boy room in late Feb with this cotbed in bed mode: 

And this bedside table:

Both are 'golden oak' and colour looks the same as the second picture IRL.

I need to get him a chest of drawers (3drawers) and a bookcase as well. The colour of wood is now dicontinuted in mamas and papas so I can't get the matching range. Would you try and match it and buy similar or go totally different and maybe buy white or something??

Help me find a chest of drawers and bookcase please!!




  • Have you looked in ikea? We have the oak bedroom set (malm I think it's called) and it looks just like Isaac's oak Mammas and Pappas furniture.

  • I'd try to match it up personally. G's bedroom furniture is antique pine but his cot is white and I hate the mismatch of colours.

    Would these work?

  • I would try and match.  We have just done J's bedroom out and got him a white bed, his old wardrobe is pine and it looks stupid and I hate the mismatch of it.  Going to get him a white wardrobe from Ikea at the weekend.

  • It needs to match doesn't it. I shall keep an eye on eBay too in case the drawers appear on there

    I did wonder about the Ikea MALM drawers actually, we have some but I'm not sure what colour we have, does look quite similar though, will have to take one drawer into Ned's room and check. The drawers will be quite far from the bed so it might work.

    Those John Lewis ones would prob work too, I would prob need to take one of the bedside table drawers to JL to check though.

    I'm a bit annoyed that m&p have changed the colour of their oak! Gah!!

    If I went for MALM drawers what would I do about bookshelves?

  • It depends on the size of bookcase but I've just had a quick look on ikea and they've got loads. If you find one that you like in oak, it'll be the same 'oak' as the malm drawers.

  • The Ikea oak veneer MALM doesn't come in the 3 drawer or 4 drawer option, only 2 or 6?!? That seems stupid..

  • looks like it only comes in white?! The one I have in my room is oak veneer though..... It's v old though....

  • Ah, it's available to buy in store just not online. Just need to figure out if it matches now! Thanks girls xx

  • Might be a silly qu but why don't you just let the new baby have the baby furniture and move N into a proper bed? That way you won't end up with two cot beds which are only used for a short time. Plus then you could choose a new matching set for N for his big boys room? Problem solved ;-)

  • RS I do see what you're saying but we considered it and it just doesnt make sense for us.

    Ned is still in the cotbed in cot form (sides on) so we want to have the option to keep it as a cot if he's not ready for a bed. (And as he's still in a GroBag I'm in no rush to take the sides off and turn into a bed)

    So we have bought a second cotbed which matches N's. This way they have matching cotbeds if they ever share a room (likely if we have a boy)

    Cotbeds aren't used for a short time are they?? I reckon we'll get 4 years use out of the one N is in and baby will get the same out of the new one.

    I didn't see why I should force him into a bed before he's ready just cos of the baby!

  • Ikea expedit bookshelves are ace and come in oak to match Malm drawers too.

  • Or eBay for the original chest of drawers that matched the cot?

  • eBay don't have any for sale at the moment so I'm keeping an eye out. I shall look at Expedit bookcases, didn't know they did an oak veneer option! Thanks!

  • If you're looking at Ikea Malms, the Oak is the only one that will be anywhere near the one you have.  We have the oak Malms - the 2 drawers and the 5 drawers.

    As for bookshelves, Ikea Billys are fab.  They do them in the oak veneer too.  They come in tall or short and narrow or wide.  You can also get full length and half length doors if you wanted.

  • Personally I don't think the Malm will look right with what you have as it is too much of a modern style compared with the existing stuff. I think you need to go more traditional.   If you can't find anything in oak how about going for white with oak top, there is quite a lot of that about.,default,pd.html

    This one looks really similar too

  • Thanks JB. That last M&P link is the exact range but they have changed the wood and the new 'Spring Oak' is really light IRL compared to the 'Golden Oak'

    His new room is big so the chest of drawers would be at about 10-12ft from the cotbed and the shelves would be the same distance away, so I'm not sure the modern look would be a problem??

    I'm not sure I like the white with the oak top TBH.

  • Did you mention you have bought this cot again for the new baby? Is the new cot from the new M&P spring oak range? If so, maybe N could have the new cot (as it is exactly the same as his current one he might not notice the difference), with his mattress and bedding, then you could get the matching stuff from M&P for his new room?

    The new baby can have N's old cot, with a new mattress, then sort them out with their Big Kid furniture in a couple of years.

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