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Christmas - what are other people buying for your kids?

People have already started asking for ideas what to buy the kids for Christmas and I haven't got a clue, I've asked them and J said a book, E said she can't think of anything so no help from them.

My mam was on the phone earlier asking for ideas then she's just phoned back asking if she should by them an iPad between them but I think they might fight over it plus E already has a tablet and I'm getting J one.  My sister-in-law has been harassing me for ideas as well.


  • Dont know Laugh, I can't think of stuff to get him myself.

    I was thinking about they all just got him a wee thing and he gets money towards a Legoland trip

  • I know, that's my problem as well.

  • What about vouchers for a toy shop for them so they can hit the saleas and buy what they like then just little bits to open on the day?

    For L, CW is buying him Gooey Louie game, my sister is getting him tag reader books Not sure who else will buy for him.

    Girls will get money vouchers perfume and makeup from others.

  • my mum and dad usually pay for their swimming lessons but this year L has left that swim group and is going to another one which is a lot cheaper so my mum said she would still pay for it but get him something with the rest of the money

    i think fil is going to get I a wooden kitchen and hes getting L a scalextrix

    sil will ask us nearer the time so i think il suggest kitchen stuff for isaac and no idea for L

  • My parents are getting J an electric motorbike (so he can be like Grandad, on his motorbike), with a full face helmet. Stocking fillers, include duplo, DVD's. clothes, hot wheels cars

    C is getting Lego (she has got him about 13 sets "so far", the woman is obsessed. His main present, is a £120 Lego set), Xbox games, DVD's, clothes.

  • Blimey, I don't think we really get asked but if we did it wouldn't be until at least the beginning of December! I'd have no idea what to say!

  • My mums already got J the wooden airport out elc and A a didi car. The in laws have got J Chuggington stuff and and Doc Mcstuffins for A

  • A remote control car for aaron is all in can think off. New bike ideas for p ive not got her much either.

  • Wow, some of your relatives are really well organised.

  • I'm asking for clothes in the next size up.  Normally I have a stash of stuff stored under their beds ready for when they grow out of stuff, but I haven't atm.  Toys wise, we've pretty much got them all that they want.

    My mum and dad have bought E a till, and some clothes

    I think my nana is on about getting E either a toy shop or a girls world head thing.

    As for S, I shall be hoping he gets some clothes, as for toys, I aren't sure.  He's not into much other than ITNG, and we've got most stuff related to that.  He's having a garage, so i'll perhaps ask for people to get him some more cars to go with that.

    They're both into duplo atm, so maybe a bit to add to their collection.

  • My mum is always telling me how messy my house is and there are too many toys so she has decided to get the kids a bigger tv for their playroom as a joint present, and then some little bits. She's doing the same for my brother who also has 3 kids and too many toys!

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