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Christmas Decorations...

Ok so our tree is up but that's it. What else do you have to decorate your house with? x


  • We haven't got our tree up yet but have got a garland across the fire with lights on and stockings hanging on the fireplace.  

  • I don't have a fireplace! I want to get a green garland for our banisters and some twinkly lights on our mezanine floor as it overlooks the lounge, but we have hardly anything!

  • Mine is a green garland but I can't remember where I got it from and I just addedy own lights.

  • We have a garland with little lights for the banister and we hang our stockings off there too. We also have little Christmas candle holders and burners dotted around the place as we have a Christmas bunting thingy on the mirror.

  • We have two pre lit garlands (wilkos £20) one is hung on lights above fireplace the other over mirror in dining area. Then another garland - not lit - wrapped around the exposed brickwork pole in dining / kitchen area. That was bought from Bluewater xmas shop in sales down to 16 from 32. I then have a singing snowman by the tv or wherever L moves it too. 4 free standing reindeer two cream two red which go on shelves. A dangling Santa on the living room door knob. Tinsel around pictures and possibly along banister if i can't find another garland. A light up snowman and a hanika candle bridge for windows ustairs some multi colour lights for the windows.

  • Everything is cream and gold. We have a pre lit garland on the fire place, our dining table is in the living room (all open plan) so we have that set with a pale gold runner and charger plates and tie gold and cream chiffony ribbons round the dining chairs (like at weddings).We have poinsettas and candles dotted about and a wreath on the front door. We have the cards stuck up along the banister as the stairs are in the living room. I didn't think of a garland for the banister! That sounds lovely, I may pinch that idea!

  • Oh VP your place sounds lush! My table is a dumping ground i never thought of dressing it. Im pinching that idea.

  • I have as many decorations as H will let me get away with. So a tree with very colourful lights and tinsel and decorations (I don't do colour schemes for christmas), cards on the mantel piece and  bookshelves, possibly pinned to the glass pannels on the doors between the lounge and dining area, if H doesn't get upset. Also we have a wreath for the door, tinsel up the banisters, tinsel and garlands on the wall lights and picture frames, a nativity scene by fire place too. Then I'd have stuff on the window sils and more lights dotted around if possible, but H would think it was too much. Before we moved in together, my house was a santa grotto with everything everywhere, but H had a few cards in his house and only 'cos I put them on the mantel piece!

  • So far I've managed tinsel wrapped around the bannister, and bought a couple of bits to hand around. Bought some lights today so will put them downstairs and a wreath for the front door. I've bought some more lights that will go on the mezzanine and a lovely old santa that is by the telly.

    I still don't think it looks very christmassy though!

  • I've decorated the tree in the garden. Our tree isn't being delivered until14th!

  • i have a gold rocking horse on a shelf, i have a silver reindeer on a shelf, a yankee father christmas candle burner, my table centrepiece is a big wreath with a hurricane vase in it, i have a garland above my kitchen hatch, i have 2 big CHRISTMAS letters that hold xmas cards either side of the telly, and in my porch i have a big reindeer and a big snowman that they sell in matalan! the big stand up ones?

  • Monnie i love those matalan decs ... Lou wouldn't leave them alone if we had them.

  • my dog is petrified of them, this year we had to get them out and put them in the porch without her seeing them. when she goes for walks she barks like a nutter lol !

  • I have a green garland draped under the bannister. I bought it from some dried flower shop. I threaded my own lights on it and bits of holly and then made a big bow out of wire lined gold ribbon to finish each end. I also have xmas candles, a gold reindeer and some santa wine bottle holders that someone got me from sweden. They are too good to give with gifts in. I just pop them on the hearth each year.

    I have also made paper chains this year to hang over the book cases

  • Hey ladies, I'm not the best with arts and crafts but you can make your own decorations with some sanding and priming. There's a handy video from Crown Paints on what specialist paint to use

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