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Christmas Eve hampers

I remember last year quite a few of you do Christmas Eve hampers. I'm thinking of doing the boys one for this Christmas. What things do you put in them? I was thinking of new pjs to wear Christmas Eve but need some ideas. Thanks 


  • From what i can remember I put new pj's, reindeer dust,  Christmas dvd, the night before Christmas book,  hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Think that was it

  • Pretty much the same as ally but also some nice biscuits and a new dec for the tree for the kids and their stockings to leave for santa

  • New PJs

    Christmas mugs

    Christmas plate to leave mince pies on


    Reindeer dust

    Christmas DVD

    Night before Christmas book

    Nice biscuits

    Bucks fizz (for us of course)

  • I did Christmas mugs, hot chocolate, marshmallows, gingerbread men (which I baked) and a cartoon dvd.

    Not sure what I'll do this year.

  • we had:

    new pjs (for all of us Laugh)

    hot chocolate, marsh mallows

    nice chocolates for me and h and some wine

    a santa lolly and a rudolph lolly

    the snowman dvd

    all our stockings too

    this year im going to get xmassy mugs too

  • o and reindeer dust

  • Do you buy the DVD and book every year or just put the same one in?

  • I had the children drawstring bags made up with their names in in Christmas fabric (so can use each year). Inside they had new pjs, Santa plate, book, reindeer dust and bed socks x

  • no im just going to put the same one in or if there is another dvd then il get that one but prob just sticfk with that one tbh

    did anyone do elf on a shelf last year with the elf being sent by santa and doing loads of naughty things round the hosue? a few people on my fb did it and it looked good so i want to try it this year.

    i think the idea is this elf comes and does naughty things so that the children spend december being good iyswim and then he goes back to report to santa whethere the kids were good.  i reckon L would love that.  my friends elf last year put wrapping paper over all the doors in the house  so the kids had to cut through the paper to get into the room isywim

  • Lol CP, no.  Some people have far too much time on their hands ROTFL

  • *cough* says you Kellfi *cough*

  • yes i def dont have any spare time at all really, just thought it would be nice whilst L young, i think a lot did it on dw so might ask over there, or i might be up to my eyeballs in work and itl pass me by

  • Cp i ho'd you!

  • Oh i think we had bucks fizz or wine last year

  • ck i cant get on as no signal unfortunately as in room with no signal will look later. x

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