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Come on, Wednesday weightloss.

I never thought I'd be joining one of these threads let alone starting one.

So lastnight I got the MFP app, wow it's amazing. I think it's really going to make a differance for me I love it already. On the daily diary, what is the "net" at the top?

So today I'm shattered and I know u shouldn't but it's an energy drink for breakfast, lunch mixed olives and dinner maybe a chicken wrap.

I took P to school this morning then went a long way home so one already done down hill walk that doesn't really count and fast uphill walk pushing the pram for 45mins. Il do the same to pick him up later. There wont be any shread tonight as my mym is here but I'm certainly starting that tomorrow!



  • Morning QS - mixed olives for lunch is that enough?

    I did my squats and sit ups last night and am aching this morning - my dinner was Chicken Tanmen from wasabi and think I'll buy the same again for tonight.

  • Hi Belle, it's mixed olives with Feta. I'll have that then there is some riviera and cottage cheese and bits if I do need more. Maybe I am being a bit ambitious for my first real day! Being dumb now what's tanmen?

  • Morning ladies

    QS well done on the walk.  I love mfp, I log everything on it, the net is the calories consumed (food) - calories burned through exercise.

    Belle well done on the exercise.

    I had a lovely meal out last night, I was pretty good and had chicken arabietta pasta but did consume some booze.  Hopefully I won't of caused too much damage after all the exercise I did yesterday.  Just been to the gym, I'm aching from yesterday so didn't do a huge amount, 20 mins on the stepper, 10 mins on the bike, toning and stomach exercises.

    B - fruit

    L - sandwich

    D - Maggi chicken, new potatoes and veg.

  • Ah, duh of course that's what it means Sw thank you. Well done on the exercising, I certainly wouldn't feel too guilty having a drunk after all you did yesterday.

  • Tanmen is spicy noodle soup

  • Morning all

    Belle - well done with the exercises

    QueSera - that doesn't sound like much food at all.  Don't starve yourself!!

    SW - your food sounded lovely.  I've not been for Italian for ages.

    I'm ok, still just plodding along.  I'm feeling really bloated just lately.  Not sure if it's a change in pill or not. I've ordered some raspberry ketone tablets, so i'm going to give that a go, see if it can help me shift a bit of weight, alongside the eating.  I still need to do more exercise, but I don't have the time.  By the time I actually sit down at home it's getting on for about 9pm, and i'm ready for bed, not a work out.

    Food today

    B - 2 toast, beans

    L - left over quorn cottage pie

    D - Syn free Chilli & rice

  • Chids I hear you on the time front. I've been working out at 8.30pm ish then having my dinner gone 9pm.

  • I couldn't do that Belle, i'm in bed by about half 9-10pm.  I couldn't eat that late at night.  We have our meal at 6pm.  By the time we've tidied up, got the kids ready for bed it's getting on for 8.30pm ish.

  • Could you get up early to exercise?  I'm going to the gym at 6.30 tomorrow morning as I can't go after work?

  • Was going to say can you get up early? I was doing 5.30am starts in the Summer. I don't finsh work til 6pm and only get home at 7pm - it sucks but I need to get toned so have to do it.

  • Chids, have you ordered the raspberry keystone? I tried it about a year ago, myself and H say an advert for it whilst slightly tipsy and ordered it. I don't want to put a dampened on it for you, maybe it was just us two but it didn't work for us.

  • I get up at 6am anyway, we have to get the kids sorted, and then they're dropped off at my parents for 7am, and then i'm in work for 8am.  I don't fancy getting up any earlier. Perhaps when the kids are a bit older and can sort themselves out i'll have a bit more time.

    Quesera, they weren't expensive, so i'll give them a go.  They were only about £4 for a months supply.  I just want to get out of the 17st 10-11lb that I seem to be stuck at.

  • I am completely off the wagon and ashamed to say that I have been comfort eating. finding the change in routine really hard.

  • morning

    im back, iv a stone to loose and tbh im sick of watching what i eat.  i hate ww and sw and mfp and dukan Laugh so no idea what approach im going to take tbh.  

    anyway i was going to try this 'sober october'  but i have a night out on the 19th and we are on holiday on the 28th Laugh so i might just try the kind of sober october minus those days lol

    today i am not hungry in the slightest, i havent had breakfast yet! im normally really good with breakfast so need to try to have a decent lunch

    im here till 10pm too so need to try to have nice healthy tea.

    i need to be organised and do some batch cooking for me i think.  im probably going to try lo gi and dust off the shred dvd Weep

    i thought though that if i dont start again today then i never will iywswim

    iv ordered a size 10 work dress which fits but is tighter than i want so its time to get back on the diet i think!

    i bloody hate dieting Weep

  • Chids why don't you try mfp alongside sw?  Just to see how many calories you are burning/eating?

    I'm thinking I might give the 5:2 diet a go, going to Google it now.

  • Chids why don't you give a 5.30am start a go for a couple days and see how you fare? What exercise have you been doing?

  • At that price it's worth a go I payed more like £14 for them. Like I say they might work for you, I hope so. A bit if a boost like that helps loads.

    Hi Carole, come join us. I've only just started on here, I can only imagine you must feel very lost during the day all of a sudden. When I first has S , P had just started school and I admit every morning it was straight to the shop for snacks and fizzy drinks to fill my time.

  • I had a quick look yesterday Sw, I'm contemplating it for that kick start.

  • Belle, tbh, I don't do a lot of exercise.  I walk to work when I can.  I used to do zumba, but have found that since I've not been for a while my problems with my back have eased a bit.

    I don't see the point in paying a monthly subscription to a gym, when I only get chance to go occasionally, and tbh, I couldn't really afford it anyway.

  • I get what you are saying Chids and please don't take this the wrong way but to lose weight it's not just about dieting. Exercise plays a big part. Could you maybe try a yoga workout, pilates or similar which strengthen core, stretch and help with muscle tone? What about swimming a few times over the weekend?

    I'm just trying to support you and help get you out the blip you are in.

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