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Could you be a surrogate?

I don't know.

I could donate my eggs.



  • Yeah I think I could but not sure how I feel about donating eggs.

  • I don't think I could donate my eggs and know that there was a child out there from me. Plus I think you have to be 100% wealthy with no 'conditions' and I don't fall into that category.

    If I had sickness-free and back ache-free pregnancies then I think I could be a surrogate as long as it was another woman's egg.

  • Ha I meant healthy not wealthy!

  • Ooh, I must be different there, I can't imagine going through pregnancy and giving away the baby away at the end of it.  

  • I just don't think I could be that attached to a baby that wasn't mine and that from the start knew I would be giving to another couple. It would feel very strange though to have the end result of being pregnant.

  • * to NOT have the end result.

  • I would surrogate and/or egg-share for someone I knew very well... i.e. sibling or best friend. Not anyone else I don't think. I reckon if I knew the baby wasn't mine to keep, I wouldn't mind "giving it up". I didn't properly bond with A until well after he was born as it is.

  • I'm the opposite to saisi, I didn't feel a rush of Love for E when she was born, because I already loved her, so absolutely couldn't be a surrogate. I don't know how i'd feel about egg donation, on one hand you'd never know so might not be bothered, but on the other hand, perhaps then i'd always wonder!

  • If I didn't have problems with my placenta during pregnancies, then I could totally be a surrogate, but only for family/close friends.

    I loved being pg and giving birth, and would love to do it again, I just don't want a baby, so surrogacy would be ideal.

  • I reckon i could as long as it was someone else's egg. Couldnt donate eggs though.

  • I am absolutely crap at pregnancy but I'd like to think I could do it for someone close, say my brother or a best friend or something.

  • No I couldn't, I can barely carry my own children never mind anyone else's and I just couldn't handle the stress

  • Hope you don't mind me jumping in. I'm about to embalk on IVF using donor eggs (unknown donor). Can I put a different spin on this and ask if you would use donor eggs for your own conception if you couldn't use your own? Very much out of curiosity, and shan't be hurt if you say not.

    I don't think I could be a surrogate but, would donate my eggs if I'd been able, though don't think it would have even crossed my mind if I hadn't been where I am now.

  • Absolutely Looby, donating eggs is something I've considered after I'm sure my family is complete as well

  • No I don't think I could. Though if my sister asked me, I would consider it.  I couldn't do it for anyone else though.

  • I would gladly donate my eggs but not sure fi they would eb wanted as I ahve a egentic disorder and prior to pregnancy would haev gladly ahev eben a surrogate. However now know how appallingly I do pregnancy I don't think I coudl do it without the 'reward' of a baby at the end IYSWIM?

  • I'd love to say yes to this but realistically, no I would be very unlikely to do either. The thing I'd only be likely to do surrogacy or egg donation for someone very close to me, I can only think of one, maybe two, people that fit this criteria but then I'd have to live with seeing that child regularly and I don't know how I'd cope with that.

    I also have my own child(ren) to consider, although I do pregnancy relatively easily, it's a lot to put myself through and a risk I don't see necessary if they aren't to benefit from it. I also worry about the effect it would have on them. If I was to do surrogacy for the one/two people above it would have to be with donor/their egg.

    Wrt to egg donation, I know it makes me selfish but it's not something I can see myself ever doing. Again I have my children to consider, for life there'll alway be a biological sibling of their's out there and I don't need to put them through that. I also consider H in this, i'd feel a bit weird if he donated sperm, so would be a hypocrit to do the same to him. My heart aches for people who have no choice but to go down that route, and I'm grateful that there are people less selfish than me that do donate.

  • I would donate eggs but in realtiy I dont think I could be a surrogate.

  • I would love to be able to do it but not sure I could then give baby away.

    I have also thought about egg donation too but never really got much further.

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