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Do men actually wear cufflinks?

Just browsing for father's day presents, and i'm amazed at all the different sets of cufflinks you can get.  They're lovely, but my H would never wear them.  The only time he's ever worn cufflinks was on our wedding day, and i'm pretty sure they came with the suits that they hired, and when he was Best Man for his brother, again the cufflinks came with the suit he hired. 

Do your men wear cufflinks?


  • My man doesn't no. I'm lucky if he puts a pair of jeans on let alone a shirt that needs links. But in work I'd say 80% of the guys wear them, so much so that we have a cufflink drawer with spare sets Laugh

  • Mine does as he wears a suit to work every day, he doesn't like the shirts that just have buttons on the cuffs for some reason.

  • Wow, a cufflink drawer.  My man doesn't wear them, he's a carer so no need for fancy shirts.  I'm lucky if he comes home in clothes that haven't got some disgusting bodily fluid on it from his clients.

    My dad is a finance manager for a bank, and he's never really had to wear them either.  I always think it would be lovely to buy them as a gift as you can usually get some nice personalised ones, but for us they'd just sit in a jewellry box and never get worn.

  • H wears them on special occasions, he's got a shirt or two that need them and if he's wearing a kilt (to a wedding) then those shirts need cufflinks too.  But apart from that he doens't wear them

  • No my H doesn't wear them.

  • Yes my H does.  Not every day but a few days a week probably

  • My H does. He has quite a collection.

  • My H does on special occasions but he doesn't wear a suit to work do no need to on a daily basis . My dad wears a suit to work and so uses cuff links everyday.

  • my hubs is a tiler so def doesnt wear them on a day to day basis. think he has a going out shirt which he uses them for.

    at work a lot of men do.

  • My h does, he wears a suit to work tho and buys most of his shirts from tm Lewin which need cuff links. Although recently he has bought a few shirts with buttons as he can't be bothered with them. When I used to have a city job I had a few pairs of cuff links, but I gave them all to h.

  • Another who's H wears a suit to work so also a couple of times a week.

  • My H wears them, he wears a suit to work. He has loads of them and he forgets to take them of so they end up in the washing machine.

  • My H wears a suit to work. He doesn't wear them.

    Nobody in his office does, even the big boss men don't wear them.

  • H does.  He will only wear double cuffed shirts so it is cufflinks every day.  

  • He does have at least one shirt that has cuff links, although only has the cuff links that came with it - fab idea for a fathers day present though!  I think I might know where to buy some from Wink

  • Yep H loves them and wears them every day for work x

  • My H always wore the shirts that needed cuff links.

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  • My Husband doesn't wear cuff links, not that he doesn't like them, he just never considers it when he's buying a shirt.
    Personally, I don't get them. For majority of the evening they're covered by a suit jacket until it's dancing time and the jacket comes off. Even then, everyone's too drunk to appreciate the cuff links anyway.
  • He loves them when we’re going somewhere formal like a wedding!
    what is it with Dads though and not telling you what they would actually like for a present?! Mine never tells me and I never have a clue!
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