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Do you have any hobbies?

I suppose the gym/exercise could be classed as a hobby.

I like reading and watching telly - is watching telly even a hobby Laugh

Shopping but only when I've got money which isn't very often so probably wouldn't be classed as a hobby.

And there's boozing of course.


  • I don't have any major hobbies. I do Zumba once a week which I love and I do love reading but don't get as much chance these days. I have to admit after a full-on day with the kids once they are in bed and jobs are done I am more than happy to just mong in front of the tv!

  • At the moment no but that is because I haven't got back into things after having disco however in the past I was doing and would like to return

    Tap/ballet class

    GYm/excercise in general

    I also read a lot does that count as a hobby.

    If i had the time I would like to learn to knit properly and to sew

    Oh we have an allotment but I am not sure that counts as a hobby

    Does drooling over houses we can't afford on on rightmove count?

  • Crocheting

    Cross stitching

    Jewellery making

    Paper cutting





  • Photography and scrapbooking although I don't get much time these days due to an active 13 month old! I also used to read 3 books a week pre-baby, now I get 10 mins in the bath at the most and I miss it so much! Other than that, watching tennis and football.

  • I have some - climbing, reading, art, sewing, crochet, baking, walking and I've recently taken up running.

  • jewellery making, photography and reading.

  • I've many hobbies watching movies, travelling and gardening but I love gardening the most. I love it because of its keep me close to nature. When I get bored or stressed I spent my time in my garden take care of it like cutting the extra edges grass, watering the plants and take care of it. I've planted many different flowers and grow vegetables. The best thing about gardening is it keeps me close to nature and nature is the best meditation. When I'm in my garden I feel relaxed and my mood become fresh.
  • Writing somethings to my blog.
  • My hobby is singing and rapping mainly. I am a big fan of Mac Miller and Eminem. I like to collect wall posters of different big rappers to get motivated. I also like to play games in my free time.
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