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Doctors and temperatures? **updated**

Shea has a Hugh temperature and is unwell in himself but not actually complaining if anything in particular hurting, say ears or throat. The medicine is only bringing the temp down a bit. Do I try and get him to a doctors or just keep treating it for now? I'm really trying with the fluids too but he is really trying to refuse them?

My poor little man I couldn't keep his temp down and he has just been sleeping all day so I took him to the doctors and he has got tonsillitis and an ear infection.


  • Wave I tend to go i how they are in themselves so if quiet, not tolerating fluid, listless, not right then I'd go to gp, I alternate calpol and neurofen. Fluid wise have you tried ice lollies just to get a bit in? Could be his throat if not keen to drink hope he's better soon x

  • I feel awful now you replying help to me while on holiday. Thanks so much for the advice, he is asleep ATM so il assess again when he wakes. Thanks again and have a drink for me please x

  • Don't feel awful, I was having a browse! I think it's best I steer clear of drink today as a tad hungover Laugh

  • I give you till mid day ;-)

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