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Does your H buy you clothes...

and is what he buys good or not? Just watching DTTB and she has said her soon to be H has never bought her clothes.

My H is really good at buying me clothes and so far has always got it right. A couple of times the size has been wrong but the style is always right.



  • What is DTTB?  My H bought me a coat and a dress once but that's it and both were nice.  He will buy my underwear.

  • DTTB = don't tell the bride - I watch it sometimes -more now than I did when I was getting married myself!

  • In a word no. He'll give me the money to go buy but actually go shopping himself. No. Not ever. He doesn't even shop for his clothes so wouldn't know where to start with me or the kids.

  • Yeah he has done before with a 50/50 success rate but I am very fussy!

  • Think it's Dont tell the bride!

    No my H has never and would never buy me clothes!

  • Good god no! My h can barely buy a birthday card for me never mind an actual present. I literally have to tell him exactly what I want for my birthday, where to get it from etc.

    tbf though I'm glad he doesn't buy me clothes, he wanted to get me a Paul's boutique jacket which I would have obviously returned straight away Laugh

  • Ha ha cp, I can just imagine your face when you saw the PB jacket.

  • Go out and buy them? No!

    Pay for them? Sometimes!!

  • No never, other than PJ's maybe but even then I tell him what ones I want

  • Never ever.  He has bought me underwear twice.  The first time the pants were too small, the bra too big, 15 years later he tried again and got me a babydoll thing which was too small!!!

  • Yes, he's usually quite good

  • Yes, loads, and he always chooses the right thing in the right size, and chooses things I'm not brave enough to buy.  If he comes clothes shopping with me he makes me try on things I wouldn't pick, but then I love them.  He did do a fashion degree though, so I shouldn't be too surprised!

  • No way, he has rubbish taste in clothes!! If I wanted something for birthday, Christmas etc I would have to send him an email link with my size and everything. He wouldn't know what size I am anyway!

  • No although it would be interesting to ask him to get me something and see how he did - might try that....

  • Laugh No way! Although in his credit he has got bloody good taste. I trust his opinion and he'd pick out the good stuff, but I'm so finicky about things fitting my shape etc. Shoes he has, successfully

  • My H is quite good at clothes buying. If its animal print, pink, or got Hello Kitty on it, he knows he's on to a winner. He's the best at buying me shoes though. He's bought be some amazing shoes since we've been together.

  • Other than some underwear, no - I'm very fussy and struggle to chose clothes myself, so I doubt he'd be able to chose the right thing!  

  • No, my H doesn't have a clue when it comes to buying clothes.  He will sometimes pay for them, but i have to pick them out first.

  • PJ's & slippers yes, actual outdoors clothes never unless specifically directed!

    He is good at buying me handbags though!

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