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Dress for summer weddings?

I can't concentrate!!! So I am looking at dresses for the 2 weddings we've got in the summer, looking to get 1 dress to save the pennies. The first is 10 weeks after Baxter's due and the other is 3 weeks after that so I am not going to be looking my best and want something forgiving, but fun. I like this one, but not so keen on the bow, thought I may change it to something pale. I know it's v girly but I like that style, especially in the summer. I thought a nice hat and some pale mary-jane shoes would be fine and pretty comfortable too (they are both likely to be very long days but for different reasons).

Like? Hate?



  • I like it! Not my style but it's very pretty and I actually like the bow. Is it breastfeeding friendly if you breastfeed?

  • Good point Frankie. I should check that out. I'll have already been back at work a while so will be mixed feeding, so that minimises how often I'll need to bf, but yes, I should check.

  • Not my style but either but it is a lovely dress, I'd go for a big fascinator in one of the pink shades.

  • Cute, though I'm not a fan of the bow either. But you can easily change that and buy a length of ribbon to pick out another colour in the pattern, or possibly move the bow to the side or back.

  • im not keen on it

  • Its a pretty dress, the only comment I would make is that it does emphasis the waist. Depending on your normal non pregnancy shape and how likely you are to be back in shape (that's a very rude way of putting things, sorry!) that waist line might not be that forgiving.

    I would think it would be good for BF as you could access from the front, provided you had a nice scarf to hide the latching on part.

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