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End of an era!!!

As from Monday my baby will be in school all day and be staying for school dinners.

This is the first time since E was born over 9yrs ago that I won't have one of them at home with me through the day. 

I'm looking forward to it but its also sad in a way.  I'm looking forward to decorating my house, not having to think of something to do each afternoon with J to keep him entertained.  He was totally ready for school and is enjoying it and is looking forward to staying for his dinner which I'm glad about as he wasn't too bothered about nursery and we still had tears the odd time.

The time has flew by and its the end of an era as I won't be having anymore babies, its Sad and Big Smile at the same time.


  • Aww, I get you completely. I can't believe you said about decorating. S will get his free hours from next year and I'm already planning on how I can use it to decorate and touch up. So glad J loves it. P used to still get upset at nursery and then just took right to school.

  • This will be me next year. I am dreading it, I won't know what to do with myself and I will miss my baby Bawl

  • Aw that is a bit sad but how wonderful to have some time to yourself while he has a great time at school. I might have a chance of having a clean and tidy house if that was me!

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