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Festive music at work

Christmassy music in otherwise music-free office... Yay or Nay?


  • Depends if it's allowed.

    We aren't.

  • If it's allowed, then yes!!!!

    IT'S CHRISTMAS (nearly)

  • I makes the rules in these 'ere parts (well, for these 2 little offices only ha ha) and I have said yes to 2 hours per day this week (lunchtime and then 4.30 to 5.30) and then as much as they like next week, they work bluddy hard and lightening the mood can't hurt.

    We've had several grinches in moaning that they 'can't think'! Including our HR manager.., boo.

  • I think its a nice idea, would never happen here though

  • If it was allowed then yep.  I work in a library in a college, no music allowed for us

  • Actually thinking about it if music was on here, on a day like today I'd throw the damned thing out the window. So I can understand what your colleagues are saying.

    We don't even have Christmas decs up on our floor.

  • We have the radio on all day, every day and on my last day in work I'll take my Christmas cd into work but they do get annoying so wouldn't want them on all day.

  • I would love it in an office, like you say Chids, lightens the mood!  I'm a nanny so put on the MTV christmas channel whilst I work!  Well, when I don;t have to put up with the flippin' Wiggles lol.

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