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Food for thought!

Whislt shopping the other day I was approached by someone to sign their petition against animal testing, usual deal had the big table the old photos  generic ban all animal testing

I declined politely and walked away a year ago I would have pointed out one of them had just used an inhaler and without animal testing they woudn't have the option of having access to that potentially life saving drug. (See I am more considered now I have little one in tow)

Don' t get me wrong I see both sides of the animal testing argument but I wonder if some people who run these protests have even thought what they are protesting about


  • It's the same with vaccinations though isn't it? People don't understand the science of their livesSad

  • You're right QI but what's the answer? I think better info in school science at GCSE/ A Level might help promote more welbalanced approach to the arguments but who knows?

  • We did do it under the last government but this one jsut wants workersLaugh Under the last GCSE students ahd to complete a piece of work questionning whether we needed more nuclear power stations and the students after their research said yes we needed them. I don't do the biology but I am sure there is soemthign about animal testing and vaccinations and getting them to think about it. But when students face different information in the media and at home to what teachers are telling them it must be a struggle for them to decide who is right.

  • Totally agree with you drifter. As much as I love animals and am against testing makeup on cute little bunnies etc, without medical research on animals, almost everyone's lives would be very different.

  • I agree it's a very grey area, not black and white, and easy to have principles if you don't have to think too deep. I was always in support of the bycott of Nestle products because of their attitude to prompting baby milks in developing countries, then Luke was prescribed a medical tube formula for children with impaired gastrointestinal function. You guessed it- it was made by Nestle but he was under weight with a poor malabsorption and it was the only formula that GOS recommended and it saved his life.

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