Friday Weight Loss

Sorry for being AWOL yesterday, was on annual leave for the day because we were taking E to see a nursery.  I weighed in last night, lost 2lb, so i'm please with that.  I've lost what i put on whilst we were away with a bit more.  Aiming for another good week.  I was hoping for 1stone off by the end of march, i'm hoping to get pretty close to that.

Food today

B - Ham and tomato toastie

L - Mugshot, banana, pinapple and strawberries

D - Steak, jacket spud, grilled tomato/mushroom and baby corn on cob


  • Well done on your loss Chids. My weigh in is Monday. I'm not holding out much hope.

  • All that Oxford street shopping should see you burn off a few calories from all the lunches.

  • Morning girls, well done Chids, belle I'm sure you'll be fine, as Chids says you've done all that walking!

    I've been pretty good this week, hardly any bread type foods, no snacks. I never weigh myself but definitely feel better in my jeans so that's a good reason to carry on what I'm doing. Also have shredded or ripped everyday since the 1st March.

    Today should go so ring like this..

    B. shreddies and tea

    L. Chicken and salad

    D. Chicken curry (very small amount of rice)

    Tomorrow I'm meeting my friends in Coventry garden thou so may have to double shred today..

  • Hello. I normally weigh in on a friday but having only started over on monday, will wait until next week. My tummy feels flatter though.

    Today I have to be super good as I am meeting the girls at BW tonight for La Tasca so want to enjoy some yummy food.

    B: Tea

    L: Salad or soup

    D: La Tasca

  • Morning!

    Well done Chids in your loss and to Lauren for the looser jeans. It's great when you start fitting into clothes more easily, helps to keep the motivation going.

    I've lost 2lbs so I'm down to 13st 12lbs. Just another 9lbs to lose then I'll be a pre-pregnancy weight. After that, I'll have a target of 12st.  I'm going to have to be super good today as we're having a Chinese takeaway tonight, so I'll have to think about what I order so it's not too bad, calorie wise.

    I hope you all have a good day.

  • dumblespud, well done on the loss.  If you're having chinese, then i think noodles are the best bet.

  • chids & dumblespud - well done on your losses!!

    I've lost, although it's only 1/2lb - better then nothing, and certainly better than a gain!  Considering the day I had yesterday, it's pretty good really.

  • Deedee, well done to you too

  • Well done Chids, Dumblespud and Deedee. Stop saying 'only 1/2 lb' as that's still a loss and its still going in the right direction.

    A stay the same for me this week - unsurprising given the drink and food I've consumed one way and another and haven't excised much owing to illness and busy at work. Will be trying harder this week.

    Weirdly, though, even though I've not lost any weight my clothes do feel looser. Last week chasing my daughter and her friend in the park, my jeans starting to slide down, even with a belt on. I need to get back to doing 6 Week 6 Pack so that I can loose the spare tyre and buy some jeans in the next size down without having a muffin top Laugh

  • Well after getting back on the wagon I've gone from 10 stone to 9 stone 10 so I'm pleased. I think a lot of that was from my period.

    I'm not holding out for a healthy weekend because quite frankly they never are but I do like to enjoy my weekends so it's fair enough!

    Today -

    breakfast - cup of tea

    snack - large slice of victoria sponge at comic relief fundraiser (all in a good cause see!!)

    Lunch - ham salad

    Tea - Don't know yet

    Well done everyone on doing well!

  • That's brilliant Mossy, well done.

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