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Groundhog Day - anyone get that feeling?

Last night after having a mare putting Louie to bed I was pulling the curtains in my bedroom and just thought to myself "is this it? another day of the same old sh1t"

I get up sort myself out, get Louie ready for preschool, go to work, come home, put Louie to bed, sort the house / kids, exercise, do my dinner, go to bed, get up and so it starts all over again.

How depressing! Please tell me this is normal and what we all do in different ways of course.


  • I feel like this quite often! Although my days aren't as hectic/tiring as yours. I have to be honest, I never saw my life like this. But I'm not complaining as I love my family. It's just very monotonous sometimes isn't it.

  • I had this exact thought this morning! Sometimes the routine of getting up and ready for the school run, all the housework and cooking and sorting everyone out gets mundane. I have to have things to look forward to and plan for or I go crazy.

  • I'm having a similar feeling at the moment, same *** different day.  I always think of myself as being a hamster on a wheel.  Normally when I feel like this I book a holiday or something to cheer myself up.

    You're not alone Belle x

  • To an extent, yes. My parents are my saviour. When I start feeling "is this it?", they have my boys so I can get a break.

    My main "issue", is that with being a Mum since my teens, being a Mum, doing the day to day Mum/wife things is all I have known.

  • I'm glad I'm not alone - maybe it's the time of year everyone back from holiday weather changing we feel down about our day to day lives. Like Frankie says it's not how Ipictured my life but I love my family to bits

  • Yes this time of year can be really miserable. You need to plan some nice things to look forward to. Here's mine - one night in a friends caravan in October with 4 lovely friends and our onesies;  day trip to Legoland on an inset day so hopefully no queuing; big family weekend away in November in a rented cottage -  12 adults and 8 children.

    They are the only things keeping me going, the weeks are so boring and soon we'll be driving home in the dark, which I hate.

    Also need to make more Christmas plans, that should cheer us up!

  • yep. i feel the same, not so bad at the mo because im still off on mat leave, but when i was working i felt exactly the same. dont know the answer though, like pingu said, think we need more to look forward to.

  • I've got loads to look forward to: G's birthday, K'sbirthday, Sisters birthday, night out with the girls, Louie's birthday, and Christmas I think that is why I'm depressed!

  • I would feel like that if I worked 5 days a week.  I only work 2 days a week so I get the best of both worlds. 

  • I just try to remember that going to work means I can pay for all these treats.

    How about some Internet shopping for a little something? A parcel arriving at home always cheers me up.

  • Spent all my money last week on lotsof lovely new things. I'm out tonight. I just mean in general really.

  • Where you off to tonight. Generally I'm content doing the same old but like I've been saying, mine just needs incorporate more me time now and me get happier with myself. Otherwise I could see in the future I could resent *maybe too strong a word* not doing it sooner and lose myself iyswim.

  • Yup I feel like this a lot. My days aren't the same but I get a lot of 'is this my life' feelings.

  • I get what you mean QS totally.

    Tonight I'm off out with some work mates, just Covent Garden for dinner I think.

  • Yes I get this alot, I don't have a ob at present and in my head that would help me. I definately think it isn't unusual to feel this way but it doesn't stop it getting you downsometimes

  • Everyone must get that feeling at one time or another because so much of what we do is basic routine stuff and you have to do it over and over again.

    What would you be doing if you could do anything in the world instead?

  • It's rubbish. You have to work hard to get by in life but because you're working so hard you barely get time to enjoy life!

  • Yes! I get this loads. Feeling really brow beaten by it at the moment and like something has to give but I have no idea what! Half the time I think I am on auto pilot - trogging a well worn path to and fro to work, looking after the kids, the house, more work in the evening once they are all asleep etc. It never ends.  I need to find me again which I think might help.

  • I think this most days...especially now as life revoles around pre school drop off and pick ups. I don't work which doesn't give much variety to my day either.

  • Oh I get this a lot, more so at the mo but it depends on what time of the month it is!  My toddler is seriously hard work at the mo, I sometimes feel I'm just here for everyone else and I don't ever get to do anything for myself.

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