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Hello from a newbie!

Hey all, I've been a lurker on MD up until very recently. Have been posting in the TTC section but thought I would wander over here to introduce myself.

I'm Nicola, I've been married for six months next week and am currently TTC for the first time. I come from Essex but have lived in Copenhagen for nearly a year. I am an experienced marketer and work for a software development company in the centre of the city. We have also just bought our first flat in a beautiful area and we move in the first week of December - I cannot wait.

Nice to meet you all Smile


  • Hello :)

    What made you move to Copenhagen is it for your job?

    Congrats on buying your first flat :)

  • Thank you! My husband is Danish. We met in the Philippines whilst both on different trips and then did London/Copenhagen long distance for a year. He moved in with me to my little flat in London and, after chatting about what we both wanted for the future, we decided that we would move to Copenhagen after 18 months. A better work/life balance was a massive reason for moving, as was childcare. All in all you get a better quality of life here than in London and for not as much money, believe it or not!

  • Oh that's lovely :) Sorry for being noisy haha!

    I bet the London/Copenhagen for a year was hard work! I moan about My H working in London and away for a few days lol!

    Once your pregnant etc... will you continue to live their?

  • Hello, welcome! x

  • Hi and welcome :-)

  • Hi, welcome over!

  • Wave lovely to have you over! Good luck in your TTC journey.

    Am I the only one with that song "Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen" in their heads now!?

  • Chocolate Cupcake, will DEFINITELY stay here if/when we get pregnant. Honestly, it just seems so much better here where that's concerned. London/Copenhagen was hard at the time, I used to cry every time we left each other but now it doesn't seem like we've ever been apart! Could never do it again though.

    Thanks for the welcome!

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