I dread....

The threat of drugs when the boys are older. Drinking was my thing, I've never tried any drugs in my life. The circle of friends I had just didn't entertain them. My first long term boyfriend was a gorgeous fun guy until he got hooked on them and  it put me right against them. I go out now and I'm not daft, I know people I'm out with do it and that's fine. But it's the one thing that terrifies me for when the boys are older, it's just the done thing now I think isn't it? I honestly feel if go absolutely mad if they ever did. 

is this because I never did, what's your take? What's the tithing that worries you most?


  • I have never touched drugs. I have no respect for people that do them, and would hit the roof if any of our kids did them. Apart from drugs, I worry about my kids being a teen parent.

    I'd be gutted if that happened.

  • I honestly feel its the one thing that's a slippery slope and hard for a parent to stop. Teen parent is a worry but I want to be open with them (or h can be) and not have that a taboo subject like it was withy parents, make them aware. I know we can't stop it but bloody hell of it were drugs I'd want to beat it out of them!

  • Same as both of you, it's a fear. I have never touched them but have been around people who have and I lost respect for them instantly. Like you qs I had a boyfriend who was lovely, started taking drugs and he changes overnight so I ditched him. My cousin died from drugs when he was 20, I was 10 and I will never forget my mum having to tell me. And my poor aunty and uncle have never got over it. I would come down on either of my children like a ton of bricks if they tried anything.

    I'm also scared about gangs - is that over the too?? It seems teenagers in some areas carry knives and guns as though it's perfectly normal.

  • God I'm worried abut bullying in Primary school, I'm not even thinking that far ahead!

    I've taken drugs. Lots of different kinds. I think it has become the norm these days but I'm not sure if it's scarier finding out my kids have done a few lines of coke, or tried one of those legal highs you read about.

  • Totally, I want to instill never to start trouble but I hope they can always defend themselves, if I'm not there to do it lol. But it's the fact that a scuffle these days could end in a knife being pulled. I'm moving them to the back of beyond......

  • What legal highs, now I'm panicking.

    God I worry someone will look at them sideways or he will spend a break time without someone to play with. I know what you mean.

  • I dread Evie getting bullied at school, not having friends, being picked on.

    I dread drugs too. I loathe drugs, have nothing to do with people who take them, and avoid them at all costs. H did many a drug in his youth and I hate it.

  • Drugs deafinately I have never been interested  maybe because my group of friends weren't but on the rare occasion the oportunity arose i wasn't interested (partly because I don't like being out of control) I hope when disco is older he will be the same.

    I am actually very wary of cannabis, which sounds daft but i  think it is too easily viewed as an ok drug and "safe" which I think isn't good.

    Also alcohol to excess, nothing wrong with a drink or several but I hope they never feel they need to drink to have a good time.

    Teen parenting/ growing up to fast in general

  • LB gangs and gun & knife crime are at an all time high in the UK. There is no such thing as fisticuffs these days, it's pull a knife and stab someone resulting in death. It's really scary. Then when you look at programmes like Skint it's no wonder. No respect for anyone or anything.

    QS tons of legal highs on the internet now, sadly the only reason I know is through reading papers abotu deaths because of them.

  • This is part of the reason I don't want to come back and have my tweens and teens growing up there, I think we'd have to find somewhere very rural for me to feel comfortable!

  • oh dear don't get me started on legal highs, I actually worry about anykind of addiction.

    actually I dread my child being a bully as much as them being bullied.

  • Yes that's another worry Drifter.

  • I dread this too, I never did drugs as in my area there was this gorgeous really popular guy who took some drugs, had a huge brain bleed and ended up in a persistent vegetative state! He was 16/17 so everyone knew him. So it was really rare for any kids in my area to do drugs as I think everyone just sh1t themselves. Tbh drink also scares me, the amount of times iv had to sit with a young boy/girls relative explaining what monitoring etc is as they have been p1ssed and got in a fight or got run over or fell from a height and ended up with huge brain injuries. Motor bikes also scare me.

    I think there's such a fine line with how u handle things too, do u totally go on and on and on about how wrong drugs/irresponsible drinking are (and that then turns them rebellious)do you be totally open and honest with them (which my ex colleague did withher son and he was 15 and asked her if she knew where he could get some cocaine Weep), or do u bury your head I'm the sand, or just wrap them in cotton wool forever Weep,

  • God, everything you've mentioned. 

    These things don't seem that far off as E is 9yrs.

    My brother is 16 and really sensible but last year he was caught by the police smoking cannibis, my mam and dad went off it at first but after reading some of his text messages I think they were actually pleased it was just cannibis and not some of the legal highs or other hard drugs that his friends were doing. 

  • SW I can't help but feel extremely lucky that both girls are so sensible, especially when you look at what they've been through it wouldn't take much for them to turn to drugs, self harm or even bullying. Sadly they've witnessed drug abuse and have seen thigns kids sholdn't even know about let alone witness so I think it's turned them away from a lot of it. G was teling us her mum regularly took speed to help with her weight  and she'd drive them both (her and brother) about whilst high.

  • It's so true you never stop worrying isn't it. A lot I hope I take in my stride but the above mentioned worries are real fears.

  • Everything thats listed. I know its a soap but when I watched the episodes with liam from eastenders and the gang that really worried me. Its scary. Nobody tells you this when you have a baby!

  • All of the above. And don't think moving to a rural area is any better. No cinemas, bowling alleys, shopping centres to hang around for distraction? Drugs can be 'something to do'. Rural areas like Angelsey have massive drug issues.

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