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If your child is used to having lunch at 11.30am...

At nursery and at school both B and U have lunch at 11.30am. So today when the clocks go back by an hour when do you think the children would ask for lunch?

Ex was extremely annoyed by the children because they apparently started asking for lunch at 10.30. Then this afternoon they were gettign very irritable after 4. Erm yes because to them it was 5 and they wouldn't have been able to understand why things weren't happenign when they were supposed to. He was really horrible towards them.

Also he tried to give me a cat tray back that has a crack in it - erm why would I want  a broken cat tray?


  • Oh dear. It must be a bit of a man thing though,my H came home from work and didn't understand why O was so ratty and hyper (both at the same time, fun!) at 6.45, he's used to going to bed at 7 so for him it was way past his bedtime.

  • Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Fix. Fix, Fix over the next 24 or so hours.

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