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iOS7 update

Anyone else updated and having trouble with sending messages? It seems to be taking ages connecting to 3G as well Angry


  • Im not updating. I didnt do the 6 update either.

  • No probs here. I really like it

  • It's ok for me, just very bright.

  • It's working fine for me. Find it slower though

  • Loads of folk on my FB have slated it so I'm holding back. I texted my boy and asked whether he liked it. The cheeky sod told me to wait until he was home so he could 'talk me through it'. I'm 37 not 97!!!

  • I don't like it. My H tried doing it last night and its frozen his phone completely.

  • My H has updated and seems happy. He did then have to update some of the apps software as well.

  • Mine has been fine so far, touch wood. It's nothing special though.

  • I've upgraded and now when I'm on the internet it keeps freezing, so annoying!

    Also, my car charger (not an apple one, just £2.99 from B&M!) no longer works, not sure if that's just a coincidence though.

  • The update is working OK for me now but it does look like a teenage girl has emptied her handbag over my screen. It's far to girly and bright for my liking.

  • How long does it take to update and is the phone out of action for anything else whilst its updating?

  • Took me about 5 minutes tops

  • yeah about 5/10 mins for me too.

  • I can't manage to get the space free yet to update it. I need a major clear out.

  • I had to take all of my music off first to update, then put it back on after it had updated. I like it, it looks more modern. I did have to put it on the lowest brightness setting and have changed the wallpaper to the starry night one so it's a little less garish.

    I've also downloaded an app called blur which lets you design your own blurry wallpaper from your pictures. You can also download some from the creators' website, - ios7 looks better with blurry backgrounds because of the new opaque windows/folders.

  • AN HOUR and A HALF!!! I was without my phone for an hour and a half for it to update, I was sure it was going wrong it took so long. I have to admit I like it though, I think it's really girly in appearance, anyone else? What do your men folk say?

    I'm yet to notice many other changes but it will be wasted on me anyway I'm a real technophobe.

  • <stupid question alert> what are you talking about? Keep seeing it all over FB!

  • It's the latest iPhone operating system update ML :)

  • Mine has been fine to be honest, and quicker if anything.

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