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Is anyone buying from the Argos 3for2?

I don't have the patience to trawl all the pages so am hoping lots of you are buying for 4year old boys and I can get ideas Laugh I want to have all my present shopping done by end October if possible.



  • Laugh I can't be bothered either.  I couldn't find anything for J.  I wanted a Scooby Pillow Pet for my nephew but they are out of stock so that's that idea out of the window.

    All you shopping done by the end of October?  That is organised.

  • You know my answer Laugh

  • I should get started, but..........

  • I've got my nieces stuff all sorted in the basket - am tempted to buy bard games but am I being tight paying £20 per game when all the bits get lost?!

  • Belle, not tight at all, I'm not buying anymore board games.  E asked for Twister and Operation last year which she got and they have been out the box no more than a handful of times.

    Although, I think we have got every board game going.

    I'm getting my neice some roller skates, so those are in my basket, my other niece I'm getting a doll and that's in my basket, need to find something else now I can get for free.

  • I've got my 7yo niece a Barbie horse set, and am waiting to hear from my sister what else to buy her. Freya (3) has a designadoll, outfit and hello kitty stroller. The games would be for Lou but CW is buying him Gooey Louie - I need to look at action figures but can't be bothered.

  • No don't do it with the games belle. Home bargain do all the games for about £5 each so you would get 4 for that.

  • I'm resisting.

    I am done, My boys really don't need more.

  • Girls are so much easier to buy for than boys.  I haven't a clue what to get him, he doesn't really play with toys much.  He's happy playing football.

  • We don't have a home bargains near me.

    Still unsure what Louie would like - in Smyths the other week he was looking at military stuff like planes and figures so may end up buying everyone elses stuff then just do his later after his birthday.

  • I know that you won't like these prob, but Liam plays with the little soldiers from teh £ shop loads,  I do find them all over the house though ROTFL

  • I've got this in my basket for him and will buy him some cheap soldiers from poundshops

  • It's a shame, their games like frustration are great. If he us four now, then P started really playing with figures and still loves to now. Also transformers and top if the list the super hero's.

  • He has about 4 SPiderman figures already and I picked up some Iron Man ones in Smyths last week as stcking fillers. He also has the Imaginext Batcave and figures from last year but hardly plays with those. Not sure if he would get Transformers?

  • Liam loves Transformers Belle, I know that they aren't really into the same things though xx

  • What Transformers has he got? I've not really looked into them much.

  • Just little cheapo ones, but I got him that big one from Smyths.  I also have these on my wishlist for him

  • Ah looking at prices I might be better getting those in Asda and places every now and then.  

  • Yeh, I wouldn't do argos for them but they were a success here. At L's age we would have to transform them but he still plays with them now and transforms them himself.

    Ak can I just give you my card details?

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