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Men wearing jogging bottoms...

Inspired by something else I've read elsewhere.

Am I the only one who thinks it's grim on men older than say, 20ish? Especially jersey type jogging bottoms, you can see everything!


  • I think jogging bottoms are grim on anyone.

    They just look trampy, even the "nice" ones.

  • I love tracksuits!

  • my hubby wears them in the house, he wouldnt ever wear them out, they are his lounging trousers but i think he looks kinda fit in them and he is 28 !

  • Older than 20?! I think they look perfectly fine in them-I'd say more a man of 50+ looks a bit stange but I'm with 1st baby, I love a trackie

  • i dont like them.

    my OH wouldnt wear them. he wears his work trousers (covered in grout!), jeans, combats or jama bottoms

  • I don't mind them - as long as they look like they are wearing them for working out, not just lounging round the house.  I.e. if they have a gut to go with it then it's a nooooo, no matter what age.

    I think if they are obviously not for exercising in then they look like the person can't be bothered making any effort.

    I also hate them paired with football tops (and aforementioned big guts)

  • I'm being a bit facetious, just in case it wasn't clear!

    I wear them, and I'm happy to go out in them as well. I know some people who shouldn't though, same as I know some people who shouldn't wear leggings, or shop in Tesco whilst wearing a onesie...

  • H has a lovely tracksuit he wears  to come home from the gym in, and I've always been partial to a trackie - only a nice one tho! I think its a throwback to my rude girl days!

    Though my FIL wears joggers all the time and hate it he looks SUCH a scruff.

  • I like a tracksuit too!!  Rob wears joggers but mainly about the house or cleaning the cars.  I wouldn't go out out with him in them!

  • I love my H in his joggys, he generally wears them for lounging around & only really wears A&F/Hollister ones. He thinks its weird that I like them so much!

  • Yes, my guy will wear them for decorating, or when he's poorly. Makes me laugh. Reminds me of my grandad who would wear his fleecy joggers with slippers :)

  • I'm not that keen on joggers on men apart from gym/lounging round house.

  • My H wears them to work out or to lounge, but not otherwise. They're ok, but when they start to look baggy and old, it's a no no!

  • I think nice joggers with coordinating hoody etc are fine...well I think my H is hot in them anyway! ;-)

  • As long as you can't see a builder's bum look when they bend over they're OK. I have memories of a bloke who used to run his own mechanics business from his garage which was next door to the alleyway to the shops where my parents live. He spent most of his time wearing jogging bottoms with his bum hanging out at the back. It was impossible not to see it!

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