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Mother's Day - What do you normally do?

It's Mother's Day the end of March.  I normally like to go out somewhere for the day with the boys. Just trying to think of ideas at the moment of where to go or what to do. What do you normally do?


  • Last year was my first mother's day and we went up to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby for a day trip and I've asked H if we can go again this year and make it an annual trip so we can take pics in the same place each year. I like to start new traditions!

  • We need to organise a tradition. Last year the kids went to Ex for the day and I went round to a friends house for lunch which was lovely.

  • Nothing.

    We don't "do" mothers day/fathers day/valentines day etc.

  • I get cards and chocolates. We might go a walk or something but I'd never go for lunch anywhere as its the same as valentines day with everyone packed in like sardines and below average food.

    We tend just to have nice breakfast, nice lunch, and I get chocolates, cards and bits and bobs which is perfect

  • breakfast in bed is the only tradition really. We usually go to church as they give daffodils to all the ladies which is nice. This year we'll be at Thomas land, which is a coincidence it just happened to be a day we were all free to go. I like a home made card from the children and the breakfast bit, but otherwise we don't make much of it.

  • This year I've booked a table at a lovely pub for Sunday lunch for us lot plus mum dad and bro my sister and her kids. Guess who will be picking up the bill?!

  • I usually get flowers/chocs and a card, and I'll generally visit my Mum at some point to take something for her too.  This year, I'll most probably be rehearsing since it's the week before my show so no idea if we'd get round to do anything together.

  • I honestly don't mind what I do as long as I am with my family. We have had days out at a farm and even just over the park together. This year I will have a newborn and recovering from a c section. So not too energetic!

  • well i dont really do anything for my mum, and this is the first year being a mum so i dont know

  • Usually the day is much like every other, I don't get a lie-in or special treatment as such. I expect H will get a card from the girls for me and he'll probably cook roast dinner but only because he will invite his mum over, so it's not specially made for me. I have very low expectations for H when it comes to anything like my birthday/Valentines/Mother's Day etc which is a good job as I'm don't get disappointed anymore!

  • The last few years haven't done anything for me, but we do a luxury picnic hamper for MIL, which we then take round there and set up at there house, so a bottle of fizz, salmon, bread, salad, mini quiches etc, with some sort of dessert last year was strawberry meringue , I spend ages preparing it all, and we all get to eat it so at least I do get to enjoy the food.  I usually get a card and chocs from the boys.

  • Last year we took my mum and dad out for lunch to a local restaurant. My daughter announced that she felt sick just as they served the main course and was sick in the toilets. By the time we got out H had finished his main and was able to take her home, and mine was retrieved from the oven where they were keeping it warm. I have to say that it wasn't the Mother's day I was planning Laugh But I suppose it was memorable. 

    This year it co-incides with my daughter's birthday on the Monday. We will be having my family over to celebrate her birthday and H has to do something for work first thing so I won't be getting any kind of lie in or relaxation as he has to go out and I'll need to get everything ready. But it should be a nice day. 

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