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Mummy blogs

Do any of you blog? I'm thinking of starting one but I'm aware that there are a lot out there so I suppose I need to think of a different angle.

But if anyone has any practical tips, like how often to post, how to get more readers etc, that would be great. I also need advice about what platform to use. I've seen lots of ads for these but have heard of things like blogger too. I basically want something easy to use that I can maybe expand at a later date.

Thanks :)


  • I would only recommend using 1and1 if you plan to use it as a business - to generate revenue or for advertising. If it's just for private usage, I would recommend using blogger or wordpress and they will host it for free for you (I believe). I've chosen to host mine myself but only because my H already has a route to do this so it makes sense to go that way.

    Hope that helps - H is more knowledgeable on this stuff than me so, if you have any questions, post them on here & I will refer them to him tonight :-)

  • Depends what you want to do with it really. I'd recommend Wordpress (my biz site is wordpress). You can opt for hosted so a or you can pay a little more for a domain name and hosting plan with someone like and host the blog there, so it'd be - does that make sense?! If not maybe this explains it better:

    I love reading some mum blogs. The best ones do a lot of reviews, video blogs, tips for weaning, travelling with kids etc. Maybe The Mumdrum could look into featuring some Mum bloggers too?

  • Great, thank you, that all makes perfect sense.

    I'll let you know how I get on :)

  • I'm a mum blogger if you want to chat about anything. I think it's better to start off with a free one (I paid for the domain name straight off) but am just moving to self-hosted now that I have decent traffic and can make some money from advertising. It depends what you want to do with it but it's hard to know how it will grow so it's good not to have to pay out initially - that's how I looked at it anyway.

    Mine is purely article type posts on parenting / babies as I am blogging to get my writing out there, but as Shhh says, lots of bloggers do reviews and also diary type entries about what they've been up to, home and lifestyle posts, cooking ones, tales of travel. It depends again if you want to be specific and if you're blogging to record your family life or competitively. I post once a week, some post a lot more though I worry I would p*** off my readers if they were constantly being bombarded!

    Most of my traffic is from facebook and I would recommend setting up a free FB page with your blog that you can promote yourself through. If you add a hyperlink to it at the end of every post that is a good way of getting more followers too :)

    Anyway if you have any questions just shout. I'm not very technical but have know the whole blogging parent community thingy quite well! Good luck!

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