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Mystery dining

Has anyone done mystery dining? I have been accepted to do this but was just a little unsure how you pay for the meal/get reimbursed for expenses?

has anyone any experience of this?



  • No I haven't but how do u get into it? I'd love to do it

  • Ooh, I did this a long time ago. Paid myself, scanned the receipt along with any report required, and they paid the value owed straight in to my account.

  • Oh I would love to do this! How do you?

  • You need to apply at

    The only thing I am a little bit wary of is giving them my bank account details?

    I'm guessing its secure but always a bit nervous about giving out bank account details!

  • Re: the bank details, if you have online banking it's very easy to set up a new account with your bank, so it's not your main account you are using, it can usually be set up the same day.

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