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Que Sera - before and after

I'll have a look for body photos although I might not have kept any evidence! Here are some face before and afters though...



  • Wow that's a huge difference!

    Well done. Looking good.

  • You're beautiful in both pics! How much have you lost?

  • Thank you Pip, I know I was being cheeky asking but I'm after all inspiration ATM. Your stunning either way but if I could get close to that I'd be ecstatic.

  • Okay this is probably the best I could find...

  • QS you look teeny to me!

    I think I've lost about 2.5 stone.

  • What kind of weight loss is that and over what time?

  • I think when your loosing weight you don't realise how much you change until you look back at pictures!

  • I did it in two lots. Lost the first stone on slimming world in about 8 weeks but didn't like the plan. Had a break off it and then lost another stone and half on weight watchers in seven weeks.

  • My god, that's fab. Really should be proud of that. I'm a size 14 but probably a big 14 if I'm honest. I'm 12st13lb I think *gag*.

  • And I also do this which helps....

  • Now that's just cruel flaunting you can do that too, I'd end up in hospital.

  • It's worked though, thanks to you and Belle. Here's a deal to make me stick at it, at Christmas time il post a me now and where I'm upto by then. That should scare me into keeping it up till then.

  • Omg pip!! I would end up breaking my neck / wetting my self or farting!

    That's such a good picture!!

  • Dolly in hospital with dirty knickers has me crying with laughter!

  • QS - I was 14st 3 when I started SW in february ish time and now I'm 12st 8 but I have only stuck to it loosely so still having treats when I want them.

    Have you tried slimming world or WW?

  • Pip, you look fab.  The red hair suits you so much better too.

  • That's great Dolly. I did we in the past but tbh I only used them for the motivation of being weighed, I couldn't stand the classesSilent. I may start at a local sw, I'm not sure. I may try and drag my friend.

  • I didn't get on with WW really. I like food too much!

    Give SW a go or join the SW Facebook group and give that a go :) you don't have to  be a member to join in on FB and you can pick up loads of tips!

  • I am the clumsiest person known to man. Seriously. I just put my pole up at home to try whilst Jonah is asleep and I stupidly should've waited for my liquid chalk to be delivered because I just smacked straight into the floor whilst upside down.

  • QS I was about your weight when I started WW, it took me about 4 months to lose 2 and a half stone. What do you want to get down to? x

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