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Recommend me a theatre show...

It's E's birthday soon and am again at a loss of what to get her. Was thinking of going to see Matilda the Musical or War Horse...has anyone been to either or can recommend another?

Where is the best place for tickets?



  • I went to see the lion king for my 21st and it was amazing! The animals are famtastic and actually you forget they are people if that makes sense?

  • What age is she?
  • I'll second that Lion King is absolutely fantastic.

  • Third one for the Lion King. Just brilliant!

  • We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and that we really good - well worth seeing.

  • The lion king is excellent, fantastic costumes and beautiful music. I loved Matilda too, the staging is superb and the songs are catchy. It is also very funny in places and the story would appeal to children of primary school age I think. It sticks pretty much to the original story. I've heard goo things about Charlie and the Chocolate factory, but not seen it.

  • She will be 12 (going on 19...)! Thanks for all the suggestions, I've seen they've got Rock of Ages on at a local theatre in June too but looking at the reviews maybe it's not suitable for her age - I've not seen the film!?

  • War Horse is very good. Is One Man Two Guvenors (spelling) still on? H has seen that and its funny.

  • I loved Matilda. It was my favourite book when I was younger so I had high expectations and they were definitely met. Really want to see it again.

    I wouldn't go for Rock of Ages for a 12-year old. Unless she has very eclectic music tastes I don't think she'd know many of the songs. Depending on how mature she is it may be a bit grown up (I thought the stage version was older than the film, although it may not be the same stage version I guess).

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