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Recommend me some good films!

I don't like sci-fi or anything set in the past.

Since there's nowt on the telly I need recs for films - new or old.



  • Horrible Bosses, The Fighter, Warrior, Dead Mans Shoes, Tyrannasaur, Harry Brown, Fight Club, American History X, American Gangster,Scarface, The Business

  • Straightheads, Eden Lake. I recorded Employee of The Month at weekend am still to watch that. Hurt Locker, Man on Fire, City of God (subtitle)

  • Ghost shark. It's immense...really, it is.

    The Helpers, Mama, Reeker, Don't be afraid of the dark, Martyrs, The Adjustment bureau, The girl next door, The collection, The collector, The pact, Chernobyl diaries, The last exorcism, 7 days, Silent house, Drag me to hell, Livid

  • We recently watched Olympus Has Fallen and I really enjoyed it. Action film with Gerard Butler, need I say more?

  • Thanks ladies, I'll check them out.

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