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Sick days

On the radio they were saying that the number of sick days has dropped in the last 20 years. Apparently on average people have 4 days sick a year. I think I've had that in about 10 years, though if you count doctors apts, it doubles. im pretty lucky with my health, though. What about you? Average or not? 


  • im above average. i suffer with really bad migraines. saying that thought while i was pregnant i didnt get them so id say since Jan last year when i foundout i was pregnant, went on mat leave in aug, back to work in jan...i have had only 2 days off as sck.

  • I would say that is abotu right, although I don't fall into that category, I think that is pirely because I have the ability to work from home if I need to !

  • When I was working it probably averaged out at 4 days a year but one year no sick another year a week of stomach bug and thats the 4 days. I think there can be too much pressure not to be off sick these days though and you end up with people struggeling into work when they aren't really fit to be there and then sharing the germs so actually would have been more affective to stay off and save the rest of your wor colluges coming down with thesame thing (but now I'm going off on a tangent)

  • Im the same as youn raincloud, Im rarely off from work. Maybe 3 times in 10 years. I have a collegue who is off about 4 times a month let alone a year!

  • I am rarely off but have had a few health glitches over the past couple of years so it probably works out the the national average. When I'm off it's because I'm actually sick - unlike colleagues who seem to view them as additional holiday entitlement!

  • I was off for 3 months in 2012 so I have definitely used my quota! :)

  • In my last job I was off 3 times in 8 years - never more than a week.

    In this job,between cancer and fertility apps I have maybe 10 days off for hospital apps and 5 weeks off post operation. I havent even been here a year!

    But I moved jobs for more employee benefits ie maternity, sick pay etc and so far it is all working out well :)

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