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Snow White

How was your sister's wedding? How did you have your hair in the end? Have you got any pics?  Have you recovered?


  • It was fab, my sister looked lovely, the kids looked gorgeous and were so well behaved. I had my hair curled and lots of people commented on it and my dress and weight loss which was nice.  We went to a house party after the wedding til 5am so I still felt hungover this morning but have been to the gym to sweat it out.  I'll try and post some pics whenI'm on tthe laptop.

  • Ah that's great that it all went so well when you've been looking forward to it for so long and it was worth all the effort with the weight loss! Glad the kids behaved, it's always a factor in how much you enjoy yourself! Did they stay late at the party? God you're good going to the gym with a hangover, I'd be munching on stodge to get rid of it myself! Has your sister gone on honeymoon?

  • Thanks Frankie, kids stayed til 11. My sister had a guest photo booth with loads of props so they spent half of the night in there dressing up and getting photos.  It was a great idea and it meant everyone who went in got souvenirs.

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