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Stocking presents for kids age 5-7, inspire me!

I'm at a bit of a blank for this year. I normally pick up a few bits here and there over the summer, bit haven't gotanything yet apart from a Lego man keyring torch for S. 

What's going in your stockings? 


  • i normally get choc coins, a character flannel that's really tiny then you put them in the water and they expand, some funky socks and I can't think w hat else so will watch this thread closely!!

  • No idea, I only looked here as I thought u were going to say u have x y and z what else can you have Laugh

    I seen an angry bird catapult but other than that no idea, but so far Ls presents consist if a scooter, kerplunk and operation and that's it

  • Star Wars battle pods, Ben 10 marbs, Angry Birds Clay, Moshi Monster Surprise bag, Lego mini figures

  • Last year I did some of those temporary glitter tattoos, hair clips, bangles, set of pants and I can't remember what else.

    This year so far I have nothing bought but will probably be similar things.

  • Toothbrush, DVD, book, sweets, action figures or lego, stationery sets, bead or jewellery sets

  • Actually I think there may be some crafty type things hidden at the back of the wardrobe. I must dig those out as they will do.

  • Usually I put in:

    Wash mit


    Tubes of sweets

    Chocolate coins


    Top Trumps (for E)

    Bobbles/hairbands (for E)

    Earings (for E)

    Lip balm


  • Ooh thank you, a few ideas there to get me started!

    Between them, they seem to have so much of everything, J's just had his birthday and S's is end of Nov, and it's really hard to think of even little things I could get.

  • I've just added bath crayons, gelli baff and robot arm grabbers to my list. On a roll now.

  • Ok So I don't have an age apropriate child but when I was that age things i remeber having in my stocking include

    Chocolate lolly pop shaped in a christmas suitable way

    Fun bubble bath

    bird warble type whistle you fill with water

    new hair bobbles etc

    craft/felt pens

    magic tree


    individual bottle of fizzy orange pop (we were only allowed pop as treats)

    some sort of puzzel

    magic painting book or simialr crafty thing

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