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Terraced houses - pros and cons. Would you buy?

We're considering moving to a terraced cottage as our next house. It's the middle one if three, the others being large barns. Each property has its own private garden and drive and the front doors, gardens and drives are not in a line.

I hadn't imagined living in this type of property long term and had imagined a detached but we love the area of the cottage. Would it bring terraced put you off? Any pros or cons from experience?

Tia x



  • Very quick reply but used to leave in a terraced and loved it and will be moving back to one shortly. I certainly wouldn't let the afct that it is a terraced put me off and find the idea a bit bizarre tbh! If the others are lrge barns though, ar ethye empty? If so is that long term? That would put me off, if the houses either side were empty.

  • Old cottages tend to have thick walls so you probably wouldn't have noise from the neighbours. Wouldn't put me off at all. Cheaper to heat usually! Only thing is if you wanted to convert the loft you'd probably have to get a party wall agreement

  • Noise would be the issue for me, that and having to keep my bins in the front garden, I'm sure that's just me though Laugh

  • The con is the potential noise through the wall from either or both sides. And that will depend on how the terrace is built. My H's old house was a mid terrace and we couldn't really hear anything from the neighbours. That was a modern house. We now live in a Victorian semi and can hear some noise from next door. So on that basis I would think carefully about it.

  • We rent a terraced house and never hear a peep from either side. Not sure they'd say the same about us though!

  • What the access to the garden like?

  • Being a terrace wouldn't put me off personally, as I'd be grateful to be able to afford a whole house at all. But it's different to your expectations, so what about it would put you off, and could those problems be overcome?

  • We live in a terraced barn conversion, one either side of us, I don't think the fact it was terraced even crossed our minds! the barn to the right of us is totally separated by a wall  (the wall is in keeping with the barns. We have a fence (high one with a gate) between us and our other neighbours.

    Our bins are in a communal area so thats not an issue. The only time we have had to go through their garden to get to ours was when we had a suite delivered and we needed to bring it through the back patio doors. So once in 7 years isn't too bad! ;-)

    It wouldn't put me off :-)

  • It wouldn't put me off no, I live in a semi and we never hear the neighbours unless there is a party going on.  I think it would be fine, especially if I loved the property

  • it wouldnt put me off. i am an end terrace & we do occasionally hear next door. but not so much it would put me off.

  • my sil has a terrace and i wouldfnt live in her house (but iv obviously not seen the one you are considering) what i dont like about sils is

    she cant access her back garden from the front, ie she has to go through the house, so she has to keep her bins in the front or else wheel them through the house, if she is doing building in the garden everything is trodden through the house iyswim

    when you open her front door you are immediately in the living room and i dont like the idea of that

    she can hear her next door neighbours alarm clock

    on a positive she doesnt ever put her heating on as her house is warmed by the 2 neighbours

    hers isnt a cottage though so yours could be different

    o and she just has onstreet parking and no opportunity to make a driveway

  • I live in a mid terraced victorian cottage and it doesn't bother us in the slightest.  It was the biggest house we could get for our money and we're perfectly happy there.

  • Even detached houses normally have gardens next door to each other, unless a very rural detached house.

    I'd want to visit the house at different times of the day and evening. We went and stood in the street just up from our house on a summer Saturday evening to see how much noise there was overall. As its in a town, with all the gardens close together if a neighbour in a neighbouring street chose to play loud music every evening that could still have affected our quality of life.

  • Our terraced house has a pathway at the back for the houses in our little row, so we have rear access for the bins.  Our walls are thick too, so rarely hear anything from next door.

  • I have lived in 4 terraced houses over the last 15 years, 2 were end terrace (so access to the back garden wasn't an issue) and two were mid terrace. One was a fairly new build  and I could hear everything from my neighbours (it was one of my end terrace ones). The 2 mid terraced ones were older and I could never hear any noise.

    Our current house is an end terrace, about 8 years old, and I can hear my neighbour thump up the stairs if I am in my lounge but otherwise its great!

  • We have a Victorian end of terrace, we can hear next door and I find this quite stressful at times, i actually cried the night we moved in as I could hear so much!  I sometimes think its my alarm going off in the morning and its next doors! I would make sure you have a look at different times of the day, especially when the neighbours are home so you can see if you can hear them.

  • Both houses we've rented so far have been terraced. The first wasn't as positive an experience as this one, we didn't have any access to our garden and living on a high street with no front garden we would have to drag the bins through the house. However we lived in between 2 shops and never really had an issue with noise. We are now effectively an end of the terrace - and with access to the garden I love it so much more! We only hear our neighbours when the teenage boy is having a strop about something or other.

  • I live in a mid terrace and have no noise issues and the people next door have two kids. Only thing that put me off mid terraces in the past was lack of rear access so having to bring rubbish, garden stuff etc through the house. We are lucky ours does have a back gate but something to bear in mind. Mid terraces are cheaper to heat as they keep the heat more.

  • Also re the noise, we were virtually forced out of our last home because of noisy neighbours with dogs but it was the house that wasnt even attached to ours so you can just as easily get noise from unattached houses....

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