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The long summer holidays

What are people's plan's for the long summer holiday? 

We have only got a few plan's so far but would love to hear what other's up to and weather you are using childcare


  • we wont be using any childcare as im SAHM, but we have a few days out line up to the beach and wicksteed park.

    will probably visit our local botanical gardens as the kids love it there, with some trips to bowling and the cinema thrown in.( anything to kept me two amusing long enough to stop the arguing!)

    have you got any nice plans?

  • I am fortunate we don't need childcare either my H works part time as a guitar/bass teacher within schools and I work term time only so we are going to have some nice family time. Last summer was tough as H was in hospital for 18 days of the summer holiday in fact he was ill for pretty much all of the summer.. We will definately be using a number of local parks, including Sandwell valley and Droitwich lido, We are going to run a School of Rock summer school. We are trying to keep our eyes on H's parents and help as much as poss. We are also going away for a week to Norfolk. I am really looking forward to it.

  • lovely where about in norfolk? we often have holidays along the norfolk coast

  • We have rented a cottage in South Creake, Fakenham, We  are about 6 miles from the coast. We have stayed in Melton Constable before.

  • We are off to Cornwall for a fortnight and I CANNOT WAIT!

    There are a couple of dates in the holidays where I need help with childcare but hopefully family will be around to have the kids for me or I will swap days at work. I love the summer holidays, no school run for 6 weeks = bliss.

  • First proper day of the hol's son finished yesterday, Friend poping round before she goes to work today and son has swimming. Had a bit of a blitz and feel a lot better for it. Second load of washing on. Like you Sshh I love the summer hol's. No school run is good too. Hope you have

  • We always struggle to think of new things to do with the kids over the summer, so I've been trying to get as prepared as possible this year and have been doing a bit of research. 

    I came across a really handy guide full of loads of bloggers ideas that I'm going to give a try. I'll pop it below in case any of you may find it handy.

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