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The weather!

Sorry to be all British and boring but I want to post about the weather.

I've been such a mardy cow with the no central heating thing, work stress, pregnancy things, too many bills etc. And then driving to work today it was entirely glorious. Spring is definitely here in Kent! Totally cheered me up and I'm thinking that before we know it we'll all be in summer dresses and flip flops.

Anyone else got good weather today? Anyone else feel bouyant when spring finally arrives? Big Smile


  • It's a lovely day today- don't know how long it'll last but for today it's put a smile on my face!

  • yep nice & sunny in Nottingham :)

  • It's lovely isn't it.

    But I shall keep up the British theme and moan...I went to Brighton on Saturday afternoon and it was RAMMED. A little bit of sunshine and everyone had raced for the coast, so what should've been a 50 min drive took me 90 mins followed by a 40 min hunt for a parking space. Then I had a 25 min race to the location I needed to be at because I couldn't park closer, carrying two camera bags. I nearly passed out! Took me 2 hours to get home because of an accident on the A23 too. Bring back the rain beautifully British rain Laugh

  • I am in Kent too Counter and yes it's been beautiful and not that cold. I heard something banging on the window earlier and it was a huge bumblebee! Then i saw a butterfly and there seeem to be crocuses everywhere. Beautiful. I love the Spring!

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