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Those with girls...

who are into dolls (baby dolls, not Barbie etc.). where is best to buy the stuff to go with the dolls?

J is really into his pretend play, and is loving his dolls ATM. He has 3 dolls, so no need for anymore, he also has a travel cot, and C's old dolls pram (thankfully, my Mum never chucks stuff out), so he just needs things like clothes, bottles etc., possibly a highchair too.

Any recommendations? What do your kids like the most? I have a budget of around £100 to kit him out, and no idea about dolls.




  • I don't have much of an idea myself because my daughter has inherited some of my old dolls and isn't that interested overall. But if I was looking I'd start at Early Learning centre and Argos.

  • I don't have a girl, but loved dolss when I was little. I loved doing their hair, dressing them up, putting them to bed and pushing them about. so I think you have most things sorted. maybe some new clothes, and do the dolls have hair that you could get some hair accessories for?

  • She does enjoy putting the toy nappies on her friend's doll. And a high chair is a great idea. And the bottle to feed the doll with.

  • My niece is obsessed with putting her newborn sisters clothes on her dolls, so maybe some nearly new sales?

  • I got R a set from Sainsburys last week, it had a bottle, feeding bowl and a sling in it. ELC sell bottles and nappies for dolls, as do Asda. I don't tend to get her clothes for her dolls as she usually takes their clothes off, all her babies end up naked!

  • Ive bought phoebe an obicoo doll for xmas as its quite big and can wear their old clothes. Ikea have some stuff

  • Thanks ladies. Some good ideas.

    Will ask friends with babies if they have some outgrown clothes. I got rid of all of J's old clothes.

  • Or - if your crafty talents extend to sewing - my mum used to make my dolls clothes.

    Or you could crochet some bits - she did that too. My mum is so much more talented with sewing, etc than I am.

  • I haven't tackled clothing yet. I'm guessing dolls clothes wont be hard though, not like they have to be seen in public, haha.

  • I have knitted most of the clothes for our dolls as I couldn't find any to buy for a reasonable price and E didn't seeem that bothered with dressing them up.  I just bought a pattern that had skirt,jacket, hat, knickers and vest and have knitted tham in different colours to make them look different.  It doesn't take long, sewing them would probably be just as easy if you have a sewing machine.

    I've found though that the girls are not overly bothered with the dolls clothes, they prefer blankets for putting them to bed and feeding bits (bottles, spoons bowls etc), they also like changing their nappies so I made a little changing mat using a bit of random sailing cloth.  We have a high chair I picked up in a car boot and they like to sit dolls in it to feed them.

    This post make me sound like I do lots of making things - really I don't, I just object to the prices of dolls items.  I ahve bought a few bits from Tesco though, like the baby bottle.


  • I can't knit (I have only recently learnt to crochet, but not tried clothing yet), but my aunt can, I might ask her to knit a few bits.

    J loves dressing/undressing them, but after a quick google, I am thinking pre-owned baby clothes are the way forward. will pop in a few charity shops. Didn't realise how expensive dolls clothes can be.

    Making a changing mat sounds like a good idea too.

    Have found these, which I am going to get him tomorrow

    Bottle, £1.20, and changing bag (with nappies and bottles) for £4 from wilkos They also do a pack of dolls nappies for £2. He'll love the bottle. Can you still get juice ones? My niece had a "magic" juice bottle when she was small...

    Bit annoying how most stuff seems to be pink though.

  • Well obviously boys are not supposed to be interested in playing at looking after babies - even though most little boys will see their fathers or other dads looking after babies.

  • I was going to suggest Wilkos. Poundland do those bottles too and I'm sure they do the juice one as well. I don't think you'd need to spend £100 to kit him out - what about your local Facebook buying/selling pages?

  • I was going to say wilkos too, supermarkets have things aa well. My friend got a blue buggy for her little boy from elc so they might have more boy oriented things

  • Cedar

    Well obviously boys are not supposed to be interested in playing at looking after babies - even though most little boys will see their fathers or other dads looking after babies.

    C has gotten into playing with dolls recently, and his big brother was being a bit mean to him about it; "Boys don't play with dolls, dolls are for GIRLS". Until I pointed out the doll and the pushchair his brother was playing with was the same ones he'd had when he had a doll playing phase too!

  • Cedar, I have asked around friends for any old dolls/baby stuff going, and have had a few "but...he's a boy" comments.

    Sshh, would seem I don't need the £100. Very impressed with the Wilkos bargains. Usually I am the one recommending Poundland, didn't even think of there, but then I never really look at the girls stuff. Will pop in there tomorrow too, thanks. Will go in there first actually, incase they have got those bottles. Get him cheapo accessories, then I might treat him to a new doll.

    I'm used to shopping for cars, and Lego.

  • I think I need to take a look in Wilko's and poundland now, my youngest is just getting into doll's and I'm sure I paid more than that for the milk bottle we bought.  


  • I was going to say Wilko's and Sainsburys.  Also had some bargains in The Entertainer a few times too.

  • Smyths toy store has a superb range of stuff to go with baby dolls. U has inherited a lot of stuff rom her older brother B.... They now share looking after the baby... Tesco do a range of cheap clothes for baby dolls. And you haev seen the rest of the places to get the stuff (like Asda does a good set for looking after baby). And B loves pink as well so it isn't an issue for him that a lot of stuff is pink.

  • Ooo and Ikea do stuff too... a wooden cot which is exceptionally plain but it means you can change it to your needs. So far we have kept it plain and just added bedding we have made to it.

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