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Thursday Weight Loss

Morning all, I am back in work having weighed myself and am not suprised at the outcome so at least that is something.

So for 1stbaby my current weight is 10st 11lbs and I am aiming for 9st 11bs.

Today is banana for breakfast, ham salad for lunch and chicken stiry fry for tea with shredding this evening.



  • Just deleted my post. A stone is very doable Alsi I need to dust off the shredding DVD too lol

    Morning everyone, hope you all got on ok yesterday. I was very determined yesterday and tbh I think I was still bloomin full from all the food at xmas! So managed fine without craving any junk food.

    loads to do today, need to try and get on the treadmill later.

    B - yoghurt and oatbran

    L - omlette

    t - Vietnamese beef


  • Morning all!

    I had another good day yesterday - probably helped being back at work.  My day off with C today, and we're going out for most of the day for lunch then to see The Tiger Who Came To Tea with a friend and her LO.  I was hoping to have another day of attack, but I can't imagine I'll find anything suitable to eat for lunch for that so will have a salad.

    Not sure about the rest of the day foodwise other than oatbran porridge for lunch.

    Just need to stick to it tonight as well as MrDD will be going out, so won't be there to keep me on the straight and narrow!

  • CP care to share your beef recipe?

  • Morning

    Well done on those who are back on it.  I'm going to climb back on th wagon on Monday.  I haven't been on the scales yet so I don't know the damage.  Going to try and be pretty good over the next few days then going shopping on Sunday for loads of healthy foods.

    I haven't been to the gym once over the holidays so looking forward to getting back into that.

    My new years resolution is to dramatically cut back on the alcohol at least during the week as I'll never lose any weight if I keep boozing.


  • Morning losers (meant in the nicest way of course!)

    I had a good day yesterday and resisted a beer last night when H opened a couple! Going to try a long walk later and maybe the Shred if I can muster up the motivation, but if not I've got plenty of housework to do so will hoover energetically Laugh

    Breakfast - wholemeal toast with low fat marg

    Lunch - homemade veg soup

    Dinner - turkey stir fry

    SW - I'm cutting back on booze big time too, its my vice though! I'm quitting completely for January and then cutting back from February.

    CP - I also would love the recipe for you beef dish!

    Speaking of recipes, what can I do with salmon fillets? I'm lacking inspiration but picked them up last minute out of the reduced section...

  • KatSlater

    CP care to share your beef recipe?

    Oh yes, this!  Would love more ideas of what to do with my meat!

  • Morning ladies

    Well I replied yesterday and said I'd be back on it from Monday. Then I weighed myself this morning after having a bottle of prpsecco, a mojito and a family size bag of crisps to myself last night and decided enough is enough. H and I are on a date today while M is at nursery so going for lunch, so I'm going to have whatever I want, then this evening I've got soup to make and ham to slow cook so I'm ready for starting tomorrow. I'll weigh again in the morning and that will be my starting point.

    Anyone got healthy curry recipes they'd like to share? I always make the same ones and looking for something different. Thanks x

  • McS, I usually just drizzle oil on to a piece of foil then place salmon on skin side down then place lemon slices on top, not very exciting but we like it!

  • Shall we have a recipe share? I do this beef goulash and its lovely - pretty low in points and could maybe be Dukan friendly too with a couple of tweaks??

  • * disclaimer, I don't work in quantities so its all just a bit if this and that Laugh

    Chunks of beef

    About an inch of grated ginger

    Garlic clove

    Spring onions

    Soy sauce (maybe 2/3 tbs) and the sane with oyster sauce

    Marinate all ingrediants for a bit, then stir fry for a few mins.


  • Weekender when Im dieting my curries are either a balti stir fry or an all veg curry. The balti is pataks paste, some stock, veg & meat. Simply fried off in the paste with a few spoons of stock to make a sauce as the paste can taste powdery. Veg curry is all types of veg fried with spray lite curry powder garam masala tomatoes cumin coriander . Add Nat yog if you prefer a thicker sauce

  • LOL CP a beef stir fry then LOL

  • I'm back. Wasn't great yesterday, too many chocolates crept in but I am already less bloated.


    B; Tea

    L: Soup and slice of bread and butter

    D: Not sure yet, prob fish and veg

  • I;ve got some ww recipes for curry somewhere - will have a look and dig them out. Most tomato based ones are fine.

    Here is the chart - who needs to give me details?

    Name Start Weight Target Weight Current Weight Loss to Date Comments

    1stbaby 9.10.8 9.00 9.10.8 0.00

    AlsiT 10.11 9.11 10.11

    Cherry Pie



    Snow White



  • No ks in the dukan website its called Vietnamese beef. I suppose with a stir fry you would add veg and noodles where as this you don't, I'd have loads more than just spring onion in a stir fry. They have obviously gave it a fancy name lol

  • I meant its he basis of a stir fry ie ginger garlic soy.

  • Spent most of the day cuddling poorly children so exercise is a complete no go at the moment as I'm either teethered to a child or so tired because I have been up all night I have no motivation.

    B - yoghurt

    L - 2 pieces of toast with pate

    D - salmon fish cakes, new potatoes with green beans and mange tout.

  • Hi, can I join please? I weigh a huge 14stone10 and a 1/4lbs! I'm currently doing the cambridge diet so hoping for good results.  Today has been the first day as joined this morning.  Had 2 shakes so far and will have another one about 10before bed! Want to get my bmi down as much as possible to help when I start taking chlomid in the future months.

  • Hi Minnie and welcome! ;0) You will do amazing I am sure - good luck! x

  • Thank you, I'm just taking it a day at a time to try and get through it as long as possible!

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