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Thursday Weight Loss/Exercise


How's things going?  I've decided I'm going to give the 5:2 a go.  I've ate okish all week, so today and tomorrow are going to be my fast days.  It will be easier to do when I'm at work and when H is nightshift as I only have a ready meal for tea anyway.

I was going to go to the gym at 6.30 this morning but I felt poorly last night so didn't bother getting up early this morning.  Going to go after work instead.

B - Nectarine

L - Slim-a-soup

D - ready meal



  • Morning SW. I tried 5:2 for a week and then kind of forgot about it. I thought the fast days were fine although I didn't do two in a row.

    I am on day 4 of me and H's healthy 21 day challenge and feeling fine.

    B - Apple, snack a jack

    C - Chicken sandwich

    T - not sure yet.

  • SW I do worry about your food intake. Do yo get headcahes or anything with that little fuel intake?

    AFM I exercised last night again, I'm in the zone although my legs were killing me I did 30 pushups instead of all my squats. I've uped my hand weights too which is a good thing. I'm out drinking tonight so need to have a fuller lunch than my salad will see whats on the menu.

  • AlsiT - Well done on sticking with it.  I'm not sure I'm convinced it will work but I'll give it a try.

    Belle - No need to worry, I'm on a fast day today so that's why there isn't much food there today.  Well done on sticking with the exercise and upping the weights.

  • How many is that for the day then?

  • 500 calories. 

    Nectarine - about 70 cals

    Cuppa soup - 56 cals

    Ready meal - 300 cals

    Gives me about 70 cals left for a biscuit with a cuppa.

  • Good luck with it!

  • Thanks, I think I'll need it - I'm starving already, roll on tea time.

  • Just keep drinking ots of water

  • Hello - another good day yesterday, Super bloated but that old *** AF arrived this am so hoping thats why.

    Got salad for lunch and sausage casserole for tea - yummy!

  • I'm too scared to try the 5:2 diet I think I'd over compensate on the non fasting days to make up for it.

    Not bad day for me yesterday. Today's been OK so far too. I've meal planned for next week, although I am out two nights in the next 7 so the chances of losing any weight during that time are fairly small.Laugh

    Dinner is going to be fish cakes and veggies.

  • I think il do it too sw. Il fast tomorrow, isn't it meant to be non consecutive fasting days though? I've had two days now where I've eaten my fill with calories left over from MFP. I do need to cut down on the carbs though, I'm awful for them. I've not had a drink since Saturday either and don't intent too.

    Breakfast a slice if toast

    Lunch coffee and 1/6 of a quiche

    Dinner chicken salad.

  • Cedar stick with it the days you aren't going out and you never know, you may still lose.

    QS - I'm not sure if your meant to spread the 2 days out but I'm going to modify it to suit me.  I'm only giving it a try this week, see how I get on.  I'm going to do the fasting days when H is nightshift and he does 2 nightshifts in a row.

    Ive been starving this morning but I think its only cos I know I can't have anything to eat.  Its slim-a-soup time now Stick out tongueLaugh

  • Hi All.

    Sorry didn't manage to log on yesterday.  Managed the 1st of my week 4 couch to 5k yesterday.  Was ok actually but was shocked when she said now we're doing 5mins - I'd only got up to 3 on week 3! Managed 16 minutes running so that was over half of the time I was out for so definitely feel like I am achieving something!

    I am on 5:2.  Been doing it off and on for a few months but started it properly when I got back from my holiday in August. After the initital large loss, I am averaging 1lb a week. I am actually really enjoying it. There are so many health benefits that they talk about in the book other than just weight loss. I do feel like bizarrely that my memory has improved too! I started off doing a late brunch of salad of some sort and then a small dinner but I've now changed and just have all my 500 in the eve - although sometimes I can't eat that as stomach doesn't want it all. Lots of water, hot water & lemon and a cup of bouillion (feels like a cup a soup!!) are my day time drinks. The next day sometimes I'm ravenous but other days I could probably do another fast day.  I don't do my days together. I tend to do Tues & Thurs although might switch to a Monday as feel I need it after my weekend excesses

    If you are on FB there is a good support group - has over 10k members. Lots of different ideas for meals.

  • trayloub well done on the exercise front, thats great.

    No I'm not on FB no.  I think I'll be ok once I get used to it and its ideal for me to do it on the day H is nightshift as for over a year or so, all I have for tea is a low fat ready meal which is around 300 calories. 

    Do you monitor how many calories you eat on you non fasting days?  I would be happy with 1lb a week. 

  • Well done on the running Trayloub. Its amazing when you're suddenly doing something you didn't think you could manage isn't it? That's a good loss rate too for the 5:2 diet.

  • Bit late but can i join in?! Joined SW yesterday and doing really well so far but finding it a bit confusing! X

  • Of course you can join.  Well done on joining SW, chids is also doing it so she might be able to help you out.  What are you confused about, not sure if I can help but I'll try, I've done sw in the past.  

  • Thank you SW. Just things like how do you know how many syns are in products not in the introductory book? If you have used your healthy extras but want more bread or milk do you just count them as a syn or cant you have them? What if you want something that is more than 15 syns - can you save up from the day before?

    Enjoying it so far though. I have had:

    B - slice of toast and an apple.

    Snack - Banana

    L - Jacket potato with tuna and mozzarella/tomato/basil salad and mullerlight

    D - Veggie paella with SW eton mess

    Feeling quite proud of myself!! I dont want to be fat when i go back to work in March. I have 2st to lose.

    Sounds like you are all doing really well too.


  • Hello ladies, I re-joined slimming world this afternoon. I went right up until the wedding and lost 1.5 stone, but it's almost all back on because the ruddy nausea has me eating bread, crisps, biscuits and pastry. Previously I had NONE!!!

    I was too ill until last week to try and consider what I was eating and when.

    I want to be eating healthily again though I realise the nausea will still see me snacking... If I shoot for being good it's got to be better than my f***it attitude! I need to get focused and know I will feel so much better very quickly if I get back on. Hope it's okay to join in :)

  • I think you might need to buy the book to see how many syns are in things.  I used to save up all of my syns for a weekend to spend on booze and treats.

    If you want more healthy extras they will have to come out of your syns.  

    I haven't done sw in years so only going by memory so if I'm wrong please correct me people who do sw.

    Your food for today sounds lovely, I'm jealous ha ha.

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