Vibes for S please?

He's had a rash, at first i thought it was a teething rash, but H said it got worse this morning, S is crying and moany, and so he took him to the drs.  The doctor isn't sure what it is and so we've got to go to the hospital.  can i have vibes please that it's nothing serious.  I'm just waiting for them to collect me from work and we can get up there.  My poor little boy Sad



Sorry i've taken so long to get back to this.  S is now fine, he had measles, and i think friday at the hospital was when they saw him at his worst.  Thankfully his rash is all cleared up now, and he's pretty much back to normal.  Reading through the symptoms of measles, i think he'd been poorly with it for about a week beforehand, and it was only when the rash came out that he realised it was more than teething or a cold.

Thank you for all your vibes, they worked.



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