Weekend Weight Loss

Afternoon, I'm pleased to report I have lost 2lbs this week, taking me to 10.11, I'm really pleased as I've been hovering around 10.13 for ages now.  I had a good session at the gym this morning - 3 mile run, 10 mins on the stepper, 15 minutes on the cross trainer and 15 minutes on the bike, then some ab exercises, its set me up for the day.

It will all go down hill tonight when I crack open the beers but its allowed if you've been good all week.  Nothing much planned this afternoon, H has taken J to the match, E is playing in her room with her friend and has another coming over for tea and sleep over so while they are occupied I think I'll watch a film while doing some ironing.

B - nothing

L - Sandwich

D - chilli pasta bake

There's a creme egg in the fridge which I'm trying to resist.

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