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What colour are your nails ATM?

Just picked all my bright red shellac off, now I want something else



  • Mine are a nude colour with white spots on two fingers in the middle. Oh and they are round as well!

  • My sis in law just had hers done like yours Belle except all her nails were spotty.

    My finger nails are currently au naturel lol, my toe-nails are a shiny silvery/lilac colour.

  • Oh god they look awful atm as not had them done since holiday but will do pic now

  • Aw, they are nice.  Are you keeping them like that?

  • Not sure will see what they post on instagram before I go in this weekend - I much prefer them rounded now though - they've last longer.

  • I have never had mine round for years,  

  • He wanted to go real pointy but I said ease me in gently Laugh

  • Nails Inc Tate polish for me - rounded too as I copied Belle.  Don't like them really pointy though

  • My fingernails are a sparkly red colour (gel but not Shellac, not sure of the brand), am really impressed as its lasted 2.5 weeks so far and only a couple of chips, just a shame the new growth is coming through.

    toenails are movie star, just a rimmel or 17 I think.

  • They are lovely, mine are a shorter kinda squared shaped and dark purple. I'm missing my bright summer colours, I may revert back and rebel against weather change.

  • I'm feeling pillarbox red actually although I do wear red a lot it seems boring to me

  • That is what I have just taken off.

  • What's the deal with this shellac stuff, can you do it yourself at home? How do you get it off? I never paint my fingernails as it just chips so easily and I get annoyed. Toes are always painted but they don't chip half as much.

  • Laugh Geneva that far behind LB? Laugh

    Shellac / Gellish are hard wearing nail varnishes. They are 'set' under a UV lamp and are meant to be chip free for 14days+ It's great stuff. I have my toes done for 4 weeks now and still looking lovely and shiny. You can buy home kits but it's abou £80. Salons here charge c£20

  • Waaaah yeah it usually is but I have seen it in the hairdressers (Toni and Guy though ha). I think it'd be a lot more than £20 here, will have to see. My friend has her own kit, maybe I should try hers.

  • Mine are nail colour Bawl

    The gel polish is really good, sets in seconds under the lamps so none of that smudging whilst waiting for it to dry business.

    I always go for Chanel Rough Noir if I treat my toes to a pedi. 

  • "save the date", which is a dark, sparkly purple. It's either this, or black for me.

  • I really dont get the whole pointy stilleto style nails... Am I weird? They just look like claws.

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