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WHat is the concept of WW, SW, 5:2 etc

I get the concept of Weight Watchers - no food is banned providing you have enough points for it, which in turn encourages you to choose healthier lower points items.

But what about the 5:2, Dukan, SW etc - I've never understood how they 'work'.


  • dukan is NO carb and high protien and low fat.  it sends the body into ketoacidosis meaning you burn fat,

    sw is similar but its more low carb than no carb, they also class foods as syns so you are allowed a certain amount a week which is like ww

    no idea how 5:2 works, i know you fast for 2 days but not sure if you eat normally for the other 5 or if you have to eat low fat iyswim

  • Ah ok cheers cp x

  • I think I might read more on the 5:2 tonight and maybe do that. Sw has started it today too.

  • QS I've just read a bit more on he diet.  I can't post the link but Google

  • Thanks Sw, il read tonight when the kids are down.

  • No probs, I've just had my ready meal and it didn't touch the sides ha ha.  I think I'll be in bed early tonight otherwise I might not be able to resist the biscuit box.  I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

  • I just ran!!!! Nothing chasing me and I went for a run...well jog. We needed cash out for tomorrow so I killed two birds with one stone. I didn't go too far or fast but it's a start. Il have a read of that now Sw, hope your in bed and not the cookie jarWink. Next hurdle is Macmillan coffee morning tomorrow minus the cake Help

  • Well done you that's great.  I've resisted the biscuits.

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