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What sort of stuff sells well on eBay?

I need a declutter of the house and figured I could make a little money at the same time. I've got jewelry that I hardly ever wear that can go, some dresses and DVDs but I was wondering if there was anything else that sells quite well on there. 


  • I have just sold loads of toiletries on there unopened that I don't use

  • That's good to know, I've got loads of perfume and bottles of stuff that could go.

  • Yep, the top brands go really well.  I have loads of makeup that is unopened too that I am going to list when I can get a minute

  • dvds arent worth the time i find

  • DVD's aren't really worth it, or at least the ones i've sold weren't.

    I've sold quite a few plus size clothes, and got decent money for them, and stuff of H's.

    Kids clothes weren't worth the bother, and i made more selling stuff at a car boot.

  • Maternity clothes sells well, named clothes do to, make up and toiletries. Its best to have the item ending in a Sunday evening. Its free listing this weekend too.

  • Ooh is it CP?  I am going to get some stuff together.

  • Maternity and baby clothes bundles


    Makeup (even if its used!)

    Furniture for collection only

    Old phones

    Designer gear


    Good to know its free listing this weekend, we have a desk to sell and maybe a wicker rocking chair!

  • The best things I've ever sold were perfume, maternity clothes, men's shirts especially named stuff and a jumperoo!

  • Thanks for the heads up about the free listing weekend. I won't bother with DVDs as I've had a look at completed sales for the DVDs I have and most didn't sell. I'll keep those for a car boot. I didn't realise people would want used make up, ewww.

  • You could try music magpie for your DVDs?

  • I find electrical items go really well, particularly if they haven't been used much and have the original box. We sold our setee for £100 too which amazed me, I thought we'd end up throwing it away, as it was second hand when H bought it. I find books and clothes don't sell well.

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