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What's your plans for the weekend?

Today I'm at work until 4.15, then I'm going straight to the gym.  H will be going to work when I get in.  Tonight I'm going to chill and watch a dvd with the kids.

Tomorrow morning I'll be at the gym once H gets in from work, I also need to pop to Asda for some bits for the weekend.  Not sure what we'll be doing for the rest of the day but Saturday night will be a family night, watching trashy Saturday night telly with a picky tea and drinks for me and H.

Sunday morning E is at dancing so we'll take J to the park.  Sunday afternoon E has got a friend over so that will keep her busy while me, H and J watch the Sunderland match, no doubt with a few beers Big Smile


  • Tonight   L has friend coming after school, I'm on nightshift tonight

    Tomorrow, il have 2 hours sleep then H is off on a jolly with his mates to Birmingham as man city are down there playing, he's leaving at 1030, says he will be home by 8 which I very much doubt! Me L and I are going to Ls football then going to get conkers as Ls teacher asked people to bring in some so that's the job fir Saturday Laugh, we are going to have a special treat tea and have our tea in front of the tv and lots of treats too, L loves the puppet games how so he will watch that then bed and I'm going for a bath and hopefully be sound asleep by the time H rolls in!

    Sunday both boys have swimming, I'm at work then need to do some uni stuff when I get in

    So not much tbh

  • Tonight - usual. DVD and take away. No Prosecco for me, I had enough Wednesday when my friend came round.

    Tomorrow - my parents (still find it weird saying parents instead of just Mum) are having my boys, from 11am, until 1pm Sunday. H and I are doing stuff together, but I don't know what yet.

    Sunday - lazy day. I want to crochet in peace, so I might chuck H out for the day. Pray for decent weather, so he can go fishing.

  • Nothing much tonight, H is at work, so probably just get the kids in bed early, and veg infront of the TV

    Tomorrow, i'm going to take E to kids am at the cinema to watch monsters university.  H is going to the football, so i'll be carless and have both children with me, so not sure we will do much after that.

    Sunday, I shall go to the pub to watch the stoke match, H is working, so again i'll have the kids.  Then in the afternoon i'll try and do some ironing and housework

  • Chids what game is ur h going to? Will my h be at same one???

  • Just googled, is he going to see villa?

  • Oooh, I am doing something for a change.

    Getting the 8.10 train to Glasgow with my sister and my friend for a day of cocktails and shopping woo

  • Normal day working at home today, then rehearsal tonight - less than two weeks to the show now!

    Tomorrow morning I need to drop C off at my parents as I've got a rehearsal with the band - I was supposed to also have a rehearsal in the afternoon for a concert in the evening, but that's all now been cancelled.  Instead I get to spend the afternoon with C and evening with MrDD Smile

    Sunday we might go to the Kids AM cinema to watch Monsters University, need to do food shopping too at some point.

  • Tonight all the kids are out so once Lou in bed and and H are having takeaway.

    Tomorrow I'm decorating L's bedroom then getting nails done late afternoon. Chilling out Sat night.

    Sunday meeting the CurlyWurlys for sunday lunch at G's pub.

  • I don't know. H is doing 7-7 all week including the weekend so I'm solo with the boys. I'm thinking if going to our favourite local park tomorrow then walk on to fil's, stay there for a visit then he will take me and two hopefully tired boys home._

    Sunday maybe another park or just a chill out day, I'll see.

  • I'm going out tonight for dinner with a group of friends. So much food and alcohol will be consumed.

    Tomorrow I've got to take my daughter to her swimming lessons in the morning. Nothing planned for the afternoon at the moment, we might go pick your own apples on one of the local farms if the weather is nice. Evening we'll just be at home.

    Sunday H is going out for most of the day so it will just be the two of us. Haven't decided what we'll do yet. See how we're feeling.

  • Tomorrow I'm going to take the girls shopping as A needs her feet measured and probably winter boots.  Will also visit my nan.  Sunday all 3 girls have been invited to a party.

  • Yea, H might be off Sunday now. He had been working do much we are missing him.

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