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Where for bras?

Where do u go? I need some new ones 


  • Normally go to a specialist but went to Primark recently and got some fab cheap brasSmile

  • Depends on what sort of size you are? I swear by Bravissimo for big boobs!

  • I'm 34c but saggy Weep so need scaffolding really

    Will try primark

  • Bravissimo are brill for supportive bras that make your boobs look amazing - but - I think they start at a D cup sorry.

  • I go to Bravissimo or Debenhams.

  • I always go to Bravissimo to get properly measured first but their bras are fairly pricey so I only get a couple from there and then go elsewhere. I am a bit of an odd size though (30DD-E) so many shops don't do my size. M&S have had some fab ones recently though.

    Are you sure you are a 34C? Did you get measured somewhere like Bravissimo? I only ask because I don't think you are that size. The last time I went there, a few months ago, they told me that they would be able to tell me the right size even if I was too "small". I wasn't though! I would really think about getting seen there

  • Hmmm well I'm not 100% sure because I looked up how to measure a bra size and followed the instructions and got 34c as the only

    Place locally that measured was m&s and I'd heard they weren't good. I suppose I really need to go into

    Manchester at some point to get properly measured in either debenhans or bravissimo

  • Bravissimo sell the ugliest bras.  I used to swear by la senza but they now stop at a DD. Beaux Avwnue Leia and Debenhams. Ive also boight a fww in Asda and one fron Primark. Im an F cup.

  • I get mine from debenhams, m&s, John Lewis is ok too. I've never tried bravissimo but I didn't like anything I saw when I looked at the website once. I don't find cheap bras give me enough umph, and I can never find my size in places like asda.

  • I need remeasured, last time I went to m&s and wasn't impressed, Debenhams were better. Suppose it probably depends on the individual staff member to an extent.

    Go to a couple of places and see what your instinct tells you x

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