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Did you know.....

... That if everyone who lurks and looks at posts, responded and joined in, this forum would be a lot busier!

So come on lurkers, come and introduce yourself! 

I'll start, I'm 23 I have a 13 year old stepdaughter and a 2 year old. Been married to my husband 4 years, together for 5! We live in Suffolk image just susuccessfully potty trained our LO, that was fun!! Haha.

So, over to you! 


  • This was one of my observations to Helen when she posted over on MD. it's very interesting over here with the view counter. come on peeps get posting.........

    I'm 30 very nearly 31! Been with MrB for 8 years, married for five. Two daughters who are 3.5 and 1.5 I live in Somerset and now work very part time so I can be with the girls. 

  • I'm 32 and have been with my partner 4.5 years.

    He has 2 daughters, a17yr old and a 5yr old, I have a nearly 16yr old daughter . Together we have an 11mth old son and expecting our new arrival in September (flavour unknown)

  • I'm 27 and have been with my partner 10.5 years (married for 2.5)

    I have a 10 month old daughter and live in West Sussex 

  • I am 24 been together for 7 years, just bought first home and made a pact of having 1 year together alone before ttc - lucky enough we got that time and I am now 14 weeks pregnant image

    Live In Kent, work full time as an events organizer for the private side of the NHS.


  • Hi, 

    i'm 38 and have been with my husband 18 years, married for 15. We have a two year old daughter and I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant with our second baby. X

  • Hello everyone - great to 'meet' you all!

    I'm 33, nearly 34. Been with H 12 years, married for 2. TTC #1 for the past 14 months. We're originally from Ireland & now live in Oxfordshire. 

  • Welcome to the MDers. I share your feelings about the change... I came from 'baby expert' & was transferred when those 2 sites merged but now I really like mfm. There is a good group of ladies on here who will offer advice & support to those in need. Also, the moderators (helen, danielle etc) are all super nice & supportive & keep personally involved in the threads.

    i've just had my 32nd birthday this week. I'm English but now live in America with my husband who is American. We met while he was stationed in Germany with the airforce.

    I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with our son. This is my third pregnancy, 1st 2 very sadly ended in miscarriage so this baby is our big fat rainbow baby & I feel truly blessed & excited to welcome our little boy home in September!

  • I'm 31, and mum to a 16-day-old boy who shocked us all with his early arrival as he wasn't due til the end of June. Not only is he a premie, he has a congenital heart defect (which we knew from the 20wk scan) and was born with a condition called tracheo-oesophageal fistula (which we didn't know until he arrived) that required urgent surgery when he was just 16 hours old. It took us almost 4 years TTC and 2 attempts at IVF to get him, and he's not making life easy at all but he's absolutely adorable and completely worth all of it! My husband and I have been together for 8 years and married for just over 4.

  • Hi everyone & thanks for the welcome sw2. I'm 33, been with H 1yr 7 months & married for 9 months. A bit of a whirlwind romance haha but we have known each other longer (about 8 years) as we met at our local spiritual awareness group. Came off the pill the month before we were married so been ttc #1 for 9 months. Have been temping & using opks but it's looking like I'm not ov'ing according to those, cycles have been irregular  (last cycle was 50 days long!) Dr is sending me for blood tests & if those show I'm not ov'ing for this cycle & the next, then I'll be prescribed clomid to help regulate cycles & hopefully to get me to ov.

  • Hi all,

    I'm 32, living in East Herts with my H who I've been with for 11 years, married for 3.5 years. We have two little boys, Seth who is 19mo and Max who is 4 weeks image

  • Yay, hi everyone. 

    I forgot I'd started this, bare with, I have short term amnesia, drives me crackers.

    I'm glad you're here, how are you MD's finding MFM? 

    Does anyone have any plans for the half ter? 

  • I forgot to return to this - little bit busy but that's no excuse!

    I'm finding MFM a bit different to MD - especially the long running threads - I find it hard to keep up and almost a little afraid to post, if that makes sense?!

    How about everyone else?

    Half term plans are no different for me - work work and some house DIY in prep for H's parents coming over this weekend.

    Anyone else? 

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