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Parent-and-child parking space permits (proper ones you have to apply for): genius idea or not?

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We've just seen that a mum-of-three from Aylesbury, Bucks, has started an online petition, calling for all parents of children under five to be issued with an official parking permit (like a disabled parking permit) that allows them to park in parent-and-child parking spaces, and prevents people without children from 'nicking' the parent-and-child spaces.

Aisling Surguy, who has a 4-year-old daughter and 1-year-old twins, started the petition because she was so furious at continually finding the parent-and-child spaces in her town were being taken by drivers without children.

"It infuriates me that people with no children park in these spaces," she told her local paper. "I see it on a daily basis, particularly at banks and supermarkets."

"I have challenged people about it. People swear at me and I get told to mind my own business.

"I just want the spaces to be used for parents and babies."

Her petition, which now has over 350 signatures, says: "We believe that when a baby is born, you should send their birth certificate off and receive a permit that expires when the child is 5 years old, to be able to park in a baby parking space, just like a disabled badge. 

"It's extremely hard for parents with small children to often get in and out of normal parking spaces, and it's frustrating when people use the baby spaces when they have no children on board."

What do you think? Do you think Aisling's petition is a good idea? Would you back her and sign it? Or do you think it's all a bit of an impractical overreaction?

Do please let us know your thoughts!



  • I think it's brilliant! The amount of people that I see just parking in parent and child because they don't want to walk the extra ten feet to a normal space is really infuriating, especially when you have a pram and everything to get out. 

    I do think though that if you have one then you could just go and park when it's just you and your kids are at home or elsewhere without worrying (which I would never do, but still... the potential is there!)

    Surely they could just issue the permits at the office when you register the birth...!

  • I think it's a great idea too. I've been out with my sister when she had her twins and it was really frustrating to see people with older kids (who are well able to get out without help) or even people with not kids at all parking in spaces.

    Getting the permit when registering the birth would be a great idea too!

  • When I had my daughter Tesco had a scheme where you had to apply for a parent and child pass which was only valid until your youngest child turned 5 (not sure if they still do as I no longer have a car). If you didn't have the pass displayed then you couldn't use the space.

    A proper badge with the same restrictions would be great for parents. Stores do need to realise that parent/child spaces are necessary for the width of the space and not necessarily the proximity to the store. Most parents would be happy to walk slightly further to ensure they can safely open the car doors before and after their shopping trip (as long a trolley bay close to space)

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