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Vaginal or Caesarean birth? How would you feel if your child's SCHOOL asked you?


We're wondering what you think of this news story about a mum who was asked, by her child's primary school, how she gave birth to her son – whether it was a vaginal birth or a C-section.

Yup, you read that right: her son's primary school wanted to know.

Cara Paiuk, who is a US writer and photographer, says she was stunned when she looked over the questions in a 5-page form given out at a new parents' session for her son's kindergarten class (the first class in US primary school, for children aged 5), which her husband was starting to fill in. 

"I ripped the form out from under [my husband's] pen," she says. "Why he was answering this question? Come to think of it, why was anyone answering it? The 'baby' who had resulted from that birth was 5 years old! …  was absurdly inappropriate."

What would you think if your child's school were to ask you this question? Would you answer? And why (on earth) would they ask it, do you think? 

Please do tell us your thoughts on this one by adding a post to this thread. We'd love to know!


  • That's ridiculous. How on earth would knowing how a child was born have any bearing on their school life? 

    Think I'd just write mind your own business on the form!

  • Ahhh I have been asked this question too but after my son showed signs of ASD, the school senco representative asked me about the pregnancy, delivery and first few months as its believed traumatic births can have a link to learning problems.......however its too far away from proper research to know exactly how the delivery affects the child's development.

    The theory was with my son that  because I'd had a difficult delivery and he had a pressure ring from where he was stuck in the pelvis, a ring from a ventuse and bruising from forceps that these and the trauma of a difficult delivery could have lead to the ASD however this theory is unproven and was explained that the form was merely to collect data to assist in statistical data for future reference and research into infant learning difficulties.

    For whatever reason the forms should be confidential and data protected somehow under law as in UK, if u ask for a reason they should respond or just decline to answer.

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