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any advice would help :)

I had my implanon taken out in March after 5 1/2 years. I got it when my daughter was 6 weeks old. I've been TTC since then. In May I found out that I was pregnant again. I started having really bad cramps and I knew something wasn't right. My hubby took me to the ER and sadly I had a MC on June 5th image I was 5 weeks. I went through my cycle and I took a test this period isn't due for another 8 days and I seen a very faint line idk if my eyes are playing tricks on me or its just wishful thinking.. I'm having cramps and pms symptoms.. I'm hoping it's a BFP and I just took the test too early. 


  • hi im not sure if anyone can help im just wondering im 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I was just wondering if I can eat fried eggs with runny yolk

  • Hey hun,  im not sure if i can  see a line there but i dont have the best eye sight, have you tested again since then? 

    Sarah - i think it is a personal choice im sure it is ok to eat runny eggs and i have but i think alot off women dont to be on the safe side,  you should join the due in jan16 group the are  lots of lovely ladies who will welcome you , am i right in thinking you are due in jan?

  • Praying4baby2... I can't see a line there sorry hun... I would say wait until you think your period is due then test again... Good luck!.

    sarah... The advice is that you definitely should not eat runny egg yolk while pregnant sorry! Same goes for anything other than well done steak, blue cheeses / mould ripened cheese, soft cheese like brie, pates, deli meats, hot dogs etc. Store brought mayo is ok as it has been pasturized but homemade mayo & homemade icecream is a no go as both contain raw eggs & will not have been through the pasturization process. 

  • Hi that's was like me jan I got implant out fell pregnant  mc at 6 weeks waited untill I had 3 proper periods and now I'm pregnant again im 6 weeks today saw the heart beat  also got cramps still and a lot of blood so keeping my fingers crossed it will be ok this time x

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